Möbius 1.2
by Square Circle Software
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Last Updated: 2003-07-05
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Software Description

Building on WaveSurgeon's foundations, Square Circle is proud to announce Möbius. Whilst it features all the tools and unique functions that made WaveSurgeon such an essential loop manipulator, Möbius takes the loop editor to another level, with a host of new features:

  • Standard editing tools, with selection tools coupled to functions such as cut, copy, paste
  • Time signature support
  • VST plugin support
  • Direct to disk editing for manipulation of large samples
  • Peak files for faster file manipulation
  • CD ripping (import single tracks, or rip selected tracks or even the entire CD to files)
  • Recording
  • Auto update facility to keep you in touch with the latest releases
  • Unique beat selection tools
  • Support for SoundFont, DLS, Gigasampler, or Pinnacle files, and the Yamaha A3000 / EX, Akai S2000 series, and E-Mu ESI samplers
  • Many bug fixes and optimisations

Möbius still retains the ability to slow down and speed up a loop without changing its pitch,and transpose / pitch bend a loop without changing its speed in real time (with sequencer)!

Uses for Möbius include:

  • Automatically picking out drum samples (segments) from loops
  • Replacing single drum sounds with others
  • The batch transfer and mapping of samples to your sampler
  • Using the midi timing template to replace the original sounds in a loop with others
  • Reprogramming loops, creating new loops or fills
  • Speedy editing not just drum beats, but also vocals + other types of sample
  • Precise editing of loops
  • Filtering with your soundcard / sampler's on-board filters, and adding effects (reverb,etc.) in real-time
  • Overlaying loops which would otherwise be at a different tempo
  • Creative editing with DirectX and VST plugins

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free high quality loops HERE

<a href="http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/362/m-loops.html">http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/362/m-loops.html</a>

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