Molot v0.3.1
by vladg/sound
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2013-02-20
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Software Description

Molot is a virtual compressor with a vintage Soviet military style GUI.


  • Aggressive hammering sound.
  • Suits for rock drums and bass.
  • Can be used on tracks and busses.
  • Very clean sound.
  • Switchable sigmoid attack curve.
  • Smooth saturation.
  • Mid-scoop EQ for simple tonal balance fix.
  • Built-in limiter for peaks suppressing.
  • Almost zero latency (2 samples).
  • Up to 8x oversampling.
  • USSR military style GUI.
  • Switchable language EN/RU

New in v0.3.1

  • Output and editing of numeric parameter values. (Editing not implemented in 32-bit AU version)
  • Bugfix for wrong mode in some presets.
  • Bugfix for filter used in linear phase oversampling mode.
  • Added “dithering off” option.
  • Bugfix for working with VstToRTAS.
  • Now with AU version.
  • Supports 10 times attack time scaling.
  • Changed limiter code (based on Limiter No6)

New in v0.3

  • VU-meter calibrated for -18 dBFS, 300 ms.
  • "Oversampling" default value in presets now automatically scaled down for the projects with high sample rates.
  • Current settings can be saved as "Default" preset parameters.
  • External stereo sidechain support (from inputs 3, 4) added.
  • "1/10" multiplier parameter added to set very short attack and release times.
  • Numeric parameter values now can be seen.
  • Linear phase oversampling support added.

New in v0.2.145

  • New upsampling code: latency now 2 samples.
  • Faster limiter release.
  • Fixed bug with preset names changing.
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