Moog Modular V v2.5
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The saving of presets has been disabled. The exportation and exportation of preset files have been disabled. A regular white noise will be heard while using the demo version. Registration: US$249.00

System Requirements:

VSTi/AU host application.

Last Updated: 2009-10-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description


  • 9 oscillators (921 Mg series).
  • 2 dedicated LFOs.
  • 3 filter slots can be chosen among classic Mg 904 series (low-pass 24 dB, high-pass 24 dB, filter coupler), and an additional 12 dB multimode filter (7 modes).
  • 1 noise generator (white and pink – 923 Mg module).
  • 6 ADSR auxiliary envelopes (911 Mg module).
  • 2 VCAs (with their own envelopes, and 1 panoramic potentiometer for natural stereo effects)
  • 16 auxiliary VCAs with modulation inputs.
  • 1 sequencer (3x8 steps – 960 Mg module).
  • 1 filter bank (14 bands with their own bandwidth).
  • 1 stereo delay.
  • 1 chorus.
  • Mono/polyphonic (up to 64 voices).
  • Stereo synthesizer.
  • Absolutely pure and top quality sound (aliasing-free), like the original Moog sound.

New in v2.5

  • Switch to Syncrosoft copy protection.
  • VCF audio quality improvements.
  • Lower CPU utilization on Mac OS X.
  • Better Audio Unit compatibility (Digital Performer most notably).
  • Ability to use NRPN MIDI messages for automation.
  • Better handling of control surfaces while changing preset.
  • New presets added.
  • MIDI RPN "pitch bend range" message is now recognized.
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes.

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Uses browser priviledges to covertly access the internet

I bought the Windows version, and have found no bugs at all thusfar.

This must be one of the coolest softsynths released thusfar
Not the easiest machine to create new patches, but that's much of the fun of it.

The fun stopped when I discovered the Windows version appears to write code to \WINDOWS\COOKIES\Index.dat

This indicates it's covertly using browser privileges to do something, either online registration without first getting permission of the user, or something nastier.

Thats NOT cool Arturia:(

That's the sort of behaviour i would expect to see from a trojan rather than a software i just bought.

Most programs ask if you would like to register, and most of us do so we can partake of the benefits of registration,
however software manufacturers must quit using sneaky backdoors.

Keep doing that and some customers will choose to download the pirated version, which will probably have the entire registration module removed. (including whatever part writes to the index.dat)

If you are going to buy this software and wish to avoid being spied on, first go here...

and read about Index.dat issues.

Then download this file and install...

Now disconnect from the internet and install Moog Modular V

Then reboot your computer, index.dat will be wiped clean of the dubious code.

Now you can log back onto the internet and there will be no spying.

If you have the Mac version you are on your own.

Ali Bashir

And quit posting my IP you infidels

Re: Uses browser priviledges to covertly access the internet

Hello Ali,

I am the chief developer at Arturia, and I have been one of the 5 developers involved in the Moog Modular V. I have read your post with great interest, and here is what I can say about your allegations :

- The Moog Modular V does not use in any way this "Index.dat" file. This file has probably been accessed and modified by another program running on your computer. Not by the Moog Modular V.
- The Moog Modular V will never attempt to send any information through the internet, which can be easily verified by installing a personal firewall such as ZoneAlarm. The Moog Modular V will also never try to collect any information about the user or his computer. We have absolutely no interest in doing such a thing.
- The software protection in the Moog Modular V only relies on inserting the installation CD-ROM, which has been protected against copy.

Best regards,

Gilles Pommereuil

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