Morphing Delay v2.1.5
by NUSofting
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2006-08-28
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Software Description

This is not you every day delay effect, it's a special FX tool
for space-time warping grooves, it also includes a unique morphing auto pan effect.

Morphing Delay is powerfull but very easy too use, taillored for the musician,
it goes straitgh to the goal with few accurately chose controls.
You have two states for the delay line parameters:

the first state is called "On input", the second is called "After input".

When some sound comes to the input the delay fx is activated with settings at stage "On input",
as soon as the input sound decays, an exponential envelope gradually morphs all parameters to
the "After input" state. You can adjust both the sensivity of the envelope trigger to the incoming audio
input and the time that the envelope takes to do the morphing.

Ducking delays can be emulated by a subset of the Morphing Delay features, it really can do much more.

New in 2.1.5

  • Updated compatibility with Cubase SX 3, WaveLab and other hosts.

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I work with Sony Acid Pro, and this VST causes many prblems. When you first use it, it all works fine, but when you try to open a session using Morphing delay, it jams everything and you can't open you session :-(
Only after you remove it from the VST folder, you'll be able to get your session back.

Shame, becasue it's simply the best VST delay I cou;d find.

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