MpcPgmMaker 1.2.2
by S's Works

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Operating System: Mac OS 9
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License: (All Shareware software)
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Last Updated: 2003-11-25
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Software Description

MpcPgmMaker is no longer available

We have left this page here for those who are still using the software and want to use the comments area

This software allows you to make akai mpc's 'PGM' files on your Macintosh. It also can play and convert 'SND' files.

Here are the things what this software can do,

  • Read and write MPC2000(XL) & MPC3000".PGM" files.
  • Play "SND","WAVE" and "AIFF" files.
  • Audition sounds easily with file navigation window and virtual pads.
  • Copy sound files to your desired destinations.
  • Rename files or folders sequentially.
  • Convert sound files, "WAVE" <-> "MPC-SND" <-> "AIFF".
  • Import existing "PGM" file as a template

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works for mpc 1000 too!

Yes i am still in the stoneage running a rock solid os9 mac in august of 2006. I recently purchased an mpc 1000 and this mpcpgmmaker version 1.2.2 works for the 1000. enjoy!

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