by Jack Perron
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Operating System: Windows NT/98/95
File Size: 8.0MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

Unregistered program will play first 45 seconds of midifile.

System Requirements:

IBM or compatible with Intel Pentium 90 or faster; 16 MB RAM; Windows 95/98/NT; Soundcard capable of playing wav files; 100 MB free hard disk space; Mouse; VGA or higher video support

Last Updated: 1999-04-23
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Software Description

This programs recreates the experience of operating, and listening to, a real antique disc musical box. Crank the spring, turn the start lever, watch the tune disc turn (with actual note holes, like a piano roll), and listen to a simulated music box rendition of any midi file. The program will play any standard midi file, rearranging it and applying actual music box sound samples to the tune.

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