Music Collector v3.4.1
by Alwin Hoogerdijk
(Alwin Hoogerdijk Website)

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Limited to 100 CD's. Registration: US$29.95

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Last Updated: 2010-03-17
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Software Description

Music Collector is the Music edition of the series of collection managers. It organizes your CDs, LPs, MCs, MDs, etc... It is CDDB2 enabled, which means that you scan CDs in your CD-ROM drive and retrieve artist, title, year, label, genre, notes etc.. from CDDB servers on the internet. The Batch Scanning & Querying feature makes entering your CDs very quick and easy.

Its mains screen offers a flexible Explorer-like view on your collection, letting you group, sort and filter the data in every possible way. It has a very comprehensive set of fields for both albums and tracks, including user-definable fields, enabling you to catalogue all information you want.

Imports databases created with the other program MP3 Collector, so that you can view all your music related data in one program.

Other features: user configurable reports, CDPLAYER.INI and CDValet support, export to ASCII and HTML tables, graphical statistics on your data, integrated CDDB² Music Browser etc...

The free Music Collector plugin for Quintessential Player (QCD3) allows QCD3 to read from and write to Music Collector databases directly, making MuC/QCD3 into the ultimate Music Cataloguing and Playing solution.

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On their website it says 5000 - 10000 items; can't see anything about a 100 item limitation.

Re: Restriction?

The 100 limitation refers to the demo restriction. One you've purchased the software the 100 restriction no longer applies!

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