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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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MusicMatch is dead.

Hey Guys -


I think some of you need to read that one statement above so you can stop pining after what will never be again and just move on. Here, let me repeat it again if you didn't comprehend it the first time.


I'm not saying this to be a prick, but to hopefully help those who haven't already get closure with this situation.

I've been watching this thread off and on for the past 18 months and I have posted here (anonymously) previously about my love for the MusicMatch software but I think it's time that everyone who hasn't to just face the facts. MusicMatch is dead and unless you're running XP virtual machine on your Windows 7 computer there's no other way it's going to work. Have any of you considered that those who say they got MusicMatch to run perfectly on their Windows 7 computer (64bit Home Edition) without virtualization is just yanking your chain? I've tried some if not all of the tricks and nuisances that have been posted on this site with the same results...nothing.

It's been 5 years since Yahoo! stopped offering support for the original Jukebox and 4 years since they stop offering support for their stupid stripped downed version and subsequently closed up shop.

Look there's no magic pill, no tricks, gimmicks that's going to get Jukebox to play the way we want it to play. Maybe it's time to move on. As difficult as it was for me, I did. This is not a plug for software or anything but I will say I have been very happy using J. Rivers Media Jukebox. It's not a MusicMatch clone nor does it works as good but in my opinion it's the closet thing to being a MusicMatch replacement as we will ever get at this time. They claim the Jukebox portion of their Media Center is free but charge a $10 license fee in order for you to rip CDs to your hard drive in .mp3 format. I took the plunge and paid $10 for their LAME .mp3 encoder (which I think should fall under some sort of fleecing since all media programs offer free .mp3 ripping capability) but after I did and got Jukebox set up the way I want, I can say it works decently. Their VBR doesn't work the way as it does in MusicMatch and my files are slightly larger now but if you give it a try it's not a bad piece of software.

The free Jukebox is offered at

Maybe Windows 8 (or whatever it will officially be called) will offer compatibility for this software when it comes out. If someone were to get a definitive version of MusicMatch working tomorrow that's compatible with Windows 7 I'd be all over it in a heartbeat but it's not going to happen and I hate to see people keep holding on to hope for something that really never is going to happen.


I don't know how you've

I don't know how you've tried it but it worked for me with musicmatch 7.5. I'll try to upgrade to 10.00.4033 when i'll finish with the downloadind.

musicmatch 10

I'm not yanking your chain. I have got mmjb 10 to work on windows 7 pro 64 bit without virtualization or using compatability mode. I downloaded mmjb ver 7.5.3103 and installed. It works fine and you could stop here and use it, but I prefer mmjb 10. I then downloaded mmjb 10 and installed it without deleting 7.5. After rebooting computer it works fine. Could be a fluke I suppose.


Ha. If anyone got the RCA

Ha. If anyone got the RCA Lyra mp3 player, they would have gotten MMJB 9.0 free with it.

Now heres the thing: I HAVE a windows 7 HE x64 machine. No SP's, no updates, no fuckin tweaking. I still have whatever god-awful version of IE it came with (8, i think), and when I went to install any of the programs by hard drive (even my own disk's files), it failed to register the PX.dll file.

However, I also found that if you install it from CD, it works just fine. You get the standard notice from windows sayin "This program has compatibility issues", and that's fine. Everything on MMJB will work, however, except for internet. As a person who doesn do the online music scene, I use MMJB for its conversion capabilities, and nothing more

So please, BEFORE you start sayin "those who say they got MusicMatch to run perfectly on their Windows 7 computer (64bit Home Edition) without virtualization is just yanking your chain", you might wanna try talkin to the people who HAVE THE PROGRAM WORKING. Do your homework.

Half Right

Hmm. Not true, or half true. I got MMJB 9 to work with absolutely no trouble on 32 bit Win 7 Pro. Unfortunately, I don't remember how I did it and now can not get it to work on Home 64 bit.

MusicMatch & Windows 7

I installed MusicMatch 7.50 on WEindow 7 64 bit version with no problem. It is still better than anything else I could find.



Shoot me an email with the Subject I have on this reply
You think you got screwed. I have stories for you.
Pissed Off, I can tell you more just let me know your email or reply to mine if is shows here.

It has been years since yahoo screwed over thousands of us.....

I am still burning up about this. Musicmatch has so far been the best music organizing and tagging software I ever owned. Thats right, OWNED, until yahoo F*d us all, and bough it, stripped the software of it's best features, than buried it like a dead cat it had run over in the middle of the night. They did not bother to check the tag hanging on the collar, and just ran off into the night. Yahoo blows, at everything they do. They screwed thousands of people that purchased lifetime upgrades, including myself. And companies wonder why pirating screw us, then we screw you. Thanks to yahoo, I have not bought a legitimate CD in years, nor will I. I love rapidshare, I love utorrent, I love people smarter than I am, that can manipulate DLL's and give me things that I could otherwise never afford.

Yahoo created the monster that I am today, F YAHOO, and all the other companies that sh*t on the little guys. We paid their salaries, we put food on their tables, and they treated us like we were nothing more than a dingle berry, on their big fat old asses, used a babywipe, then flushed us down the toilet.

I am now using OS7 64bit, and I have not found a solution to the PX.dll problem, and can not tag my music the simple way that was so glorious with MMJB.

I will continue to look every now and then, see if someone has come up with a solution.

By the way, Yahoo, the cowards they are, will not even respond to emails regarding the F*ing over of all MM plus owners. They act like it never even happened....................sorry piles of horse manure they are.

I agree. I am lost at this

I agree. I am lost at this point. I had MMJB+ and loved it, and I don't know what to use these days. I pretty much gave up on having fun with music. I am trying to use Media player, and just tried I-tunes again tonight, but the control of "My music collection" just isn't there like it was with MM. And why is everything in duplicate in I-tunes. Every song I have is showing up twice. Anybody have computer skills, a good bankroll and a need for an employee that would be loyal to making something work as good or better than the old MM. I am available to try to make something great!!! I might not be able to program, or finance, but I would love to be part of something that does what people need it to do. Unlike the pieces of crap we have to use because all of the big companies tell us what we should use.



I also tried using itunes. I made a copy of my music file, thankfully, and allowed itunes to do its own tagging. When I would go to open an album in my ipod, I would see the same album cover individually, for each song in the album, because it had a "featuring" some other artist. It drove me crazy, I deleted that entire music files, because of how badly itunes messed up the tags. I made a new copy of the very well tagged and organized file (done through music match supper tagging feature) and told itunes not to touch or change anything.

I still hate how itunes list every song, it is silly. With music match, you could direct exactly how you wanted to view your music. In my case, artist, album, song title, song number. Simply, and organized. No other program touches it. I wish the original creators would come out with a new version of MM, but there is no way they would give the plus owners their original contracts back, and I would end up stealing the software, because, really, they screwed us too, when they sold out to yahoo.


Read through all of these comments/suggestions/frustrations - - - I have wasted so much time/days trying to find a way to load MMJB that I've used for several years - - until I started using Windows 7 - - - and MMJB wasn't thing only thing that I had trouble trying to load onto my new computer, many of other things as well .
Anywho - - is there not a SIMPLE solution {and no I'm not that dingy - - just not enough time} ? Don't understand with zillions of people having the same problems, that the "big" people can't do something about it !

mm site i found

Just found this mm site, anyone know anything ?

This site you reference only

This site you reference only gives you a link to where you can download MM10. In addition, you're paying for a link or link(s) in which whose information is readily available on the Internet. Furthermore sites these aren't dependable and more often that not there's a good chance you're paying to have a virus, trojan, spyware, .etc installed on your PC or laptop. In my opinion so not worth it and would advise to stay away.

MM on Win7

I installed 6.2 from an old disc, ran it with xp sp2 mode and it runs just fine. Small snafu- when I double click first 2-3 songs- all fine, but when I double click to add 3rd or 4th, it repeatedly places the song into the playlist. I then went to and downloaded MM7 and installed (xp sp2 mode) and it solved the first. Then it started to do it again. Anyone else having this issue. Other than that good old MM is lining up my songs and playing them as good as ever.
I am running Win 7 64 bit premium.


Ladies & Gents,

1. Install Musicmatch Plus v 10.00.4040.exe
2. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox" - Make all exe's run In compatibility mode : Win XP (Service Pack 2) and tick run as administrator.
3. Create Shortcut with following target info:
- "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe"

all done! Let me know if this works for you as well.

Update - Shortcut resolving the RECTIFY PX.DLL issue!

1. Install Musicmatch Plus v 10.00.4040.exe (or whichever version you have I guess)
2. Go to install dir - Make all exe's run In compatibility mode : Win XP (Service Pack 2) and tick run as administrator.
3. Create Shortcut and copy an paste the following info (link between the files remedies the px.dll issue) exactly as displayed into target info:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe"

4. Name the file musicmatch or whatever you want (you can place a copy in your startup if you use it regularly)
5. Amend UAC settings to "never notify" (MM is not certified by for use in Win 7; it will block it)
- although not recommended in Win 7, as long as you have a good antivirus and firewall you'll be okay.
6. Open player with created shortcut each time. If you try to open by double clicking music you'll get same px.dll error.
7.all done! Let me know if this works for you as well.

Here's a couple of codes to upgrade MM is you don't have one:


I tried your shortcut and

I tried your shortcut and it's running! only it won't connect to the internet, recognize a cd in the drive, burn, etc... how does one use the upgrade codes?
(posting again because I forgot to put my email for notification of reply)
P l e a s e help me Carl!
P l e a s e help me Carl!

I tried your shortcut and

I tried your shortcut and it's running! only it won't connect to the internet, recognize a cd in the drive, burn, etc... how does one use the upgrade codes?

giveme back my songs that i

giveme back my songs that i had KGRQK-394L5-5HUR9-2429Q

Thanks for the instructions

Thanks for the instructions Carl, I've followed them to the letter, but still get the PX.DLL error message. I have MMJB running just fine under XP virtual machine, but would still rather have it functional within Windows 7 (64) and haven't given up searching for a remedy. You mentioned a ".bat" file alternative, if you wouldn't mind posting the steps for that I'd like to give it a try.


Hi Patrick, amazed the shortcut doesn't at least stop the px.dll error. I actually tested it on another computer before posting and it worked fine? Not sure. Anyway a ".bat" won't do anything in this case the shortcut didn't. You can simply use notepad to write a cmd and then once finished change the ".txt" to ".bat". You can use it to start programs etc or open multiple programs with delays etc. Place them in your startup menu and they'll open programs how you want on Win startup. Again though I can't see this working.

Do one thing though before giving up on the idea I posted.
I had to uninstall the XP virtual machine and MM and reinstall a clean version of MM.

If you did that then as a last test; try this:
Open up the two target file locations in separate windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe

Drag the Px.dll over onto the mmjb.exe and let it go. It won't do anything other than have the files execute in concert.
See if this works, this will tell if the shortcut is not working for some reason.

correct shortcut

The correct shortcut must be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll"


Hello, I cannot get the shortcut to work, but I tried this test for determining whether they will work in concert. It works perfect with this scenario. Any clues as to why the shortcut will not execute? I get an error saying that the I am trying to execute a dll and what program to use?

Still stumped. Uninstalled

Still stumped. Uninstalled XP Virtual Mode, deleted MMJB including a registry clean, reinstalled, made sure all exe's were in xp compatible mode, tried your latest suggestions .. still the PX.dll error. I also tried another suggestion of installing version 8 and then 10 (installed fine, but still the PX.dll error). I had it running just fine on my old laptop (Windows 7 / 32), so this seems to be a specific issue with the 64 bit Windows 7. At this point I'm going to reinstall XP Virtual Mode to get the functionality back, but will keep an eye on this thread in case someone comes up with another route.

Musicmatch 10

I understand the concept however I am not sure I understand how to make the short cut work. I tried severl versions based on what you indicted was the target and couldn't get it to work. I'm not real good with some of this win stuff. Anyway thanks in advance for the info.

bnderson response

No worries bnderson:
Try this.
1. create new shortcut (Right click on desktop, left click "new" and then click on "shortcut")

2. If you are using Win 7 (64) copy and paste this line exactly into location:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe"

3. Then click next and call it "Musicmatch" or what ever.
4. Double click the shortcut and hopefully it will work.

Might be making some

Might be making some progress. It now gives me a msg. that Music Match has been updated and to restart computer. When I do it does same thing when i try to restart MMJB again


Appologies, I forgot one more vital step.
As MM is not certified by for use in Win 7; it will block it; so I had to amend my UAC settings to "never notify" although not recommended in Win 7, as long as you have a good antivirus and firewall you'll be okay.

Here's a code to upgrade MM is you don't have one:

Have You done everything as per guide

Are you using the shortcut you created to start it? Don't try to click on mp3 otherwise it'll do it everytime.
Also have you definitely made all exe's run In compatibility mode 'Win XP (Service Pack 2)' and ticked run as administrator?



px.dll missing - solved

Hi, like everyone else, I was struggling to install MM 10 on my new Win7 64-bit computer. After much installing/uninstalling, here's what worked for me.

1. Install a version of MM8. Doesn't matter if it's 8.1 or 8.2.
2. Reboot computer.
3. Install MM10 OVER MM8. Do NOT uninstall MM8 first.
4. Reboot.

Should then run fine.

Hope this helps--good luck!

Sorry but this does not

Sorry but this does not work. There does not seem to be any discernable pattern for why this F**ck'n software installs on some peoples machines and not on others. Most of these solutions only seem to work for the people who discovered them.

Windows 7 Professional Doesn't like MM

I just recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional (32 bit, 4G RAM, AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3 GHz). No matter which version I've tried to install (I have versions 6 through 9; I'm going to try 10 after this), I have the same identical issue. It installs fine and runs perfectly (as expected from MM), but once I restart my computer or after I shut down and start up my computer, Windows 7 freezes and won't start up (nothing but that glowing windows symbol for 15-20 min). I know it's frozen because the little light on the front of the CPU tower that's supposed to be flashing doesn't appear at all (forgive me for not knowing its name; I'm not as computer savvy as some).

So I restart the computer and it insists on doing a system repair. I let it (because skipping it gets the same result as before), and it restores the computer to a point *before* I installed MusicMatch (which is why I concluded it doesn't like MM). I'm going to try version 10 after posting this but if that one doesn't work, what can I do?

I love MM: its features, the way it plays, its easy to use layout and the way it organizes music. When I compare it to Windows Music Player, there *is* no comparison (it's like trying to drive a Model T when you've been driving a BMW).

If there's no way that I can use MM, can anyone suggest a comparable player? I don't want to give up on MM, but I might not have a choice.

Why Install Old Versions of MM In A New Operating System?

If MM 10 is facing incompatiblity issues with Vista and Windows 7, how much more with old versions? Do you honestly think they will work in newer operating systems? Try this before you give up on MM. Reformat your hard drive and do a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Not home premium or professional. And then, install MM 10.004033. Let it be the frist software you're going to install. You can install the antivirus later. And make sure you have a clean uncorrupted version of MM 10.004033. If you don't have the file then let me know so I can upload it again in website. I tried this before on my laptop which had Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed and it worked for me so I'm sharing it to you. Up to now it still works perfectly each and everytime I open it. Remember, Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Nothing better out there than MM trust me on this. Goodluck.

MMJB Hanging and freezing windows.

Musicmatch jukebox will not run except in compatability mode (maybe) on any windows operating system after XP.
Even then, if you are running any version of Internet Explorer after version 6, Musicmatch Jukebox will not usually install
properly, and when it does install properly, will not run. The problem appears to be in versions of IE after version 6,
something was added that interferes with MMJB, or something was replaced (probably a DLL or something similar) that
MMJB needs to run. The only solution for XP users is to remove IE versions newer than 6. Not such a bad proposition
since there are several browsers available that runs rings around IE. If you really like MMJB as I do, that's the way to go.
Try it. It works.

Didn't work *quite* how I hoped but it's close enough


Turning off IE 8 worked! Why are the solutions sometimes the most obscure (yet simple) ones out there? I would *never* have thought to turn off IE to get something to work in compatibility mode. On the downside, while it kept Windows from freezing/hanging, I wasn't able to use MMJB 10 (either version); both versions installed just fine but would hang after I tried to use either of them.

I ended up installing MMJB 9, which (so far) is working beautifully (I'm sure I'll be back if it starts malfunctioning after I add tracks to the library--that was one of the issues it had previously on Windows 7).

Just one last question: Would it be better to run it in XP mode Service Pack 2 or XP mode Service Pack 3? I'm currently running it in XP mode Service Pack 2.

PS Update

Forgot to mention one of the steps: I had a registry cleaner (TweakNow RegCleaner 2011) get rid of any traces of the previously installed versions of MMJB in the registry, before I reinstalled another version (I found that it causes issues to leave them on there). Then I deleted the folder from "Programs" just to be on the safe side (so that it was as if MMJB had never existed). I don't know if either procedure was necessary, but some other people had mentioned doing both, and I would rather go through those steps and have everything work than to still have issues.

PS Update

Forgot to mention one of the steps: I had a registry cleaner get rid of any MMJB .dll or other traces of the previously installed versions, before I installed the next version (I found that it causes issues to leave them on there). Then I deleted the folder from "Programs" just to be on the safe side (so that it was as if MMJB had never existed). I don't know if either procedure was necessary but some other people had mentioned doing both and I would rather go through those steps and have everything work than to still have issues.


Tried MMJB 10 (both versions). Neither worked. I tried running it in XP mode. Nope. No good. Regardless, once I install MMJB, my computer won't start up and I have to do the system repair. I even tried using an earlier version in XP mode. Started seeing what I call "blackouts": my screen will suddenly go black and all sound and everything disappears and stops, and then it will flash back on. Scared the crap out of me the first time. And it never did that when I didn't have MMJB installed.

So, solutions anyone?

Drap And Drop

I'm a long time user of musicmatch I have tried about 20 other music player. Still come back MM. I installed MM 9 on my windows 7 32 bit. The 64 bit didn't work at all. I had no problem putting it in OS 7 32bit. MM 10 will also work I have tried it. I just like 9 better for me. The only problem I have had with both 9- 10 is that the drag and drop music files won't drag and drop. They won't go into the library or to the playlist either. I'm working on this but as yet still can't find a solution. Any ideas to get this to work would be great. They will go in with ADD to Library botton so I can get them in that . I find the drag and drop better if I only have to add one or two songs to the library. This being the case you can't listen to a peice of music in the playlist before you want to add it to the library. Since you can't drag it into the playlist or tell it to use MM to play it. If I find a fix to this problem I will let all know. The only other player that I like to replace MM at the moment is Jet Audio. Adding files is a bit of a pain it takes a bit of work to get used to it. Best luck to everyone still wanting to use MM.

Drag and drop problem - possible solution?

I was "playing" around testing different Win 7 installs (32 bit and 64 bit) and tested some MM installs mentioned here, and one I found at

This install worked best for me:
However I have two copies of MM 10.00.4033 I got off the net. One is about 700k smaller than the other, and was released about 2 weeks earlier.

The "smaller" one (26,105k) would not allow me to drag and drop files, or at least I think it was that copy that wouldn't.
With MM and Win 7 who knows for sure?? I uninstalled it, then ran a registry cleaner (Tweaknow - free off net). Then manually cleaned registry of any remaining MusicMatch references and MMJB "folders".

Reinstalling "larger" (26,859k) MM 10.00.4033 as per Brighthub instructions worked! I could drag and drop files into player.

However I had also found that the Recorder would burn files, but you could not play or edit them. I solved this by drilling down drive c: and finding the "My Music" folder through the Recorder tracks directory setting.

Since Win 7 has put the users "home directories" in a different folder than XP. MM seemed to want to run files from the "old" directory even though Recorder puts them in the "new" directory.

As a thought, perhaps simply changing the Recorder tracks directory setting may have fixed the drag and drop ... try that without doing a new install and see!!

FYI: Tested on Win 7 Home Premium 32bit

Thank you for the

Thank you for the suggestion’s I tried all for what you mentioned in your reply. I found the MM version you indicated. I’m afraid they did not work. I was able to play a song in MM from a file by double clicking on it so that was a small improvement. As for dragging a file into the library or playlist that still didn’t work. Not sure why it doesn’t if it works on yours. I will keep working it and maybe find a solution to the problem. Run on windows 7 32bit.

Drag & Drop not working

I thought I'd check the Recorder Directory Settings and send that out in case your's is still different.

My path says c:\Users\MyName\Music

Also when you re-installed, did you follow through with letting MM try and contact Yahoo?
I was not connected to the net, but let the "contact Yahoo" run through IE until it completed.

On my first try I didn't do this, and MM wouldn't work at all.

I also rebooted upon completion of everything installing.

Hope this helps!!

OK I got Music MM9 into

OK I got Music MM9 into windows 7 professional - Service Pack 1. I hope this works for all of you. Everthing works on musicmatch 9 but the Cd look up. You Can get around that using media player to rip the CD with the minformation no it. Then put that folder into your MM music folders and then drop it into the MM library all the tag info is there and you can change it to your tastes.. Thats how I do it but there are many others ways I'm sure. I'm sure that mm 10 will also work this way but have not tried it. I like MM9 myself. Here's hoping this works for you.

1. Go Start - 2. Control Panel - 3. System and Security - 4. See Action Center -Click on (Change User Account Control Settings)
5. Move the slide bar down to the bottom and click ok. You might have to reboot or sign out as user and back in. Don't change this back at anytime. Action Center will show (Windows Security Center Sevice is turned off) Leave it that way.

K now to install MM9 -

( RIGHT CLICK ) your MM.exe install icon look for (Ttrouble Shoot Compatibitiy) Let it run
Click (Troubleshoot program)
Check The box (The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now) Click Next
Hight Light (Windows XP (Service Pack 3) Click Next
Click The Box (Start The Program) So when you get a chance click next (Click remember Settings) OK
In MM Install I put in the year date that made it look like I was under 13 (eg: 2000) This will stop MM from out going to check Internet

This should have installed it did for me. With all it working parts. CD lookup won't work of course.

I had 5 songs out of 15000 that MM didn't like when I added the music and it shut down. Not sure why this was. If yours did this look at the add song files going in and note the song if it make MM shut down. I REMOVED the song from the file, you might have more than one song in a file so keep checking this. I drag and droped the file into MM after to check it if it happened again there was more than one song causing the problem. Like I said I have five songs that shut down MM in diffrent files or in the same file when added. I had to find them and Remove them from my song files. I fixed the songs by using AVS converter and reconverting them again as mp3. This seemed to work and I could put them back in the files and add them to MM. Don't ask me why this method worked it must have change whatever was in the the old song file.

Hope this was not to long for anyone and hope it works you . I'm listing to my music on MM while I'm Righting this (Smile)
If this works pass it around until something changes it from Microsoft

Hi Just check the CD player

Hi Just check the CD player after I install MM9. It dosn't work I use Media Player to Rip Music and move that file in MM.

Sorry for some of the

Sorry for some of the spelling I should have checked it closer

MMJB 10 finally working on Windows 7 64 bit !!!

I'm pleased to say I have managed to install the MMJB 10 on Windows 7 and 64 bit system and have it working fine until now.
I cannot give a method because it was kind of lucky, but these are the facts:

- With little hope, I installed the 10.00.2058 version which, as many have noticed, installs fine but doesn't run.
- During the installation, a windows update was ready to install as well. At the end of the MMJB installation, it asked to restart the computer. But before doing it, I ran the windows update and then restarted.
- I also had made a small change few days before. I disabled the libraries feature on Windows. You can easily find how on google.
- Surprise! When I ran the MMBJ after restarting it worked! (The only feature not working was the CD burner)

Again, the above is not a method and I couldn't figure out how or why it worked. Maybe is just a matter of having the system properly updated, or having the libraries disabled, or both. I don't know. This happened 2 months ago, and it the program survived all next updates and I even reinstalled it later with no problem. So if you want your MMJB again you can try installing it this way. I only guess it's important to make sure the windows update says 'windows 7 x64 based systems' and to have the manual update mode, so you can decide when to install the updates.

I hope it works for you. Good luck!

There is one big problem

There is one big problem with this method The registry hack for disabling the libraries does not work on X64. Precisely what method did you use to disable the Libraries?

Hi - didn't do anything but

Hi - didn't do anything but what I wrote down. I have windows 7 professional 64 bit. It seems to be working fine for the moment. 10 might not work due to how it puts the Library Files in. Don't know I just use MM9. I'm not that much of a tech.

Can't install Yahoo Jukebox

I'm trying method 2 on a new desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 in order to have version 10 working. When I try to install the Yahoo Jukebox, the installer stops at some point and doesn't ever finish. Has anyone had the same problem? Any advice?

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