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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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I've read through your

I've read through your discussions below and just want to mention the following.
I bought MMJB 10 just before it was taken over by Yahoo. I cannot install version 10 on my new PC with Windows7 Prof Ed, but managed to install version 9 but with the same problem as some of the persons, the program does not recognise my DVD/BD combo drive. It defenately recognises a DVD drive on XP. Is there someone who has a solution to my problem. I'm just to fond of Music Match and won't work on no OS. Regards

Sorry the last sentence

Sorry the last sentence should read:" I'm just too fond of Music Match and will use it untill it won't work on any OS any more!

Upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Upgrade your OS to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and install an uncorrupted version of MMJB 10 and you'll be fine. I did it with no problem and still working up to now. I don't know the problem of these guys I didn't have any trouble doing this. Loof for the uncorrupted version on the internet. It's available everywhere if you just google it. I didn't have to install yahoo mjb.

I have a 64bit PC and use

I have a 64bit PC and use Windows 7 Prof Ed 64bit version. I do not see the point to switch to Ultimat 32 bit for MMJB. I do have an uncorrupted version of MMJB10 but I cannot intall it and am currently using Ver 9 but as I've said without my Bluray combo drive being recocnised by Music Match, so I cannot rip CDs. What a pity, but I think some or other time a genius wil develop the much needed Patch to help all MMJB "die-hards" out. There is no match at this stage for me. Regards

Just Sharing My Experience

Well, Im just trying to share my experience because all my burners are recognized even the the virtual drives. Whenever I try to put in a blank CD, the burnerplus option for musicmatch automatically kicks in. So ripping isn't a problem for me. You're absolutely right there's no match for musicmatch. I won't trade it for anything out there. Goodluck.

Thanks, I can't figure out

Thanks, I can't figure out why it doesn't happen with my PC everything worked well with XP but I think it's the Bluray drive issue. Hope someone can make a plan.

Mine Is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit With A Blu-Ray Drive

And everything works well. Even the virtual drives are recognized by MMJB 10. Plus everything is backed up so if something happen just in case, I can bring it back to life just like before. I even use the alarm option to wake me up. GeForce is also working fine because the software-owner upgraded it. What else can I ask for? New skins maybe. Goodluck to all of you guys. Hope you all fix your issues with musicmatch so all of us can enjoy it forever.:-)

MMJB and Win 7 64 bit Blu ray

Ok may be I must give it a last try. I could never install Version 10 on my PC with Windows 7 Prof Ed but installed MMJB9. I see that there are more than one versions of MMJB 10 which one would you suggest I must install. I have version 10004015c enu. This is the version that does not install. Thank for your help

MMJB And Win 7 64 bit Blu Ray

Install this version MMJB 10.00.4033. It's what I have and it works great no problems whatsoever. Make it a point to be the first software you install. Even before activating Windows Media Player. Make sure you have the uncorrupted version. Works perfectly everytime I double click on it. Forget about version 9. It's for older version of windows. I won't touch that unless I have windows 98. Goodluck you can do it. Never say die.

Ok no luck. I re-installed

Ok no luck. I re-installed Windows 7 last week and installed MMJB 9 because I could never install Ver 10 in the past. But with the problems of 9 not seeing my BD drive, so no ripping of burning. So I tried to install 10 for the very last time to see if this can solve the problem, but no success at all. I had to do a system restore to the point before I unintalled Ver 9. I guess I have to quit and keep 9 as is and enjoy the part that works, I just love it. Thanks for you input.

Before You Give Up

Before you give up, try reformatting hard drive and do a clean install Windows 7 Ultimate and install MMJB 10.00.4033. I tried installing before on W-7 Home Premium and didn't work too. Don't give me that reason that you don't see the point in upgrading to Ultimate. Having MMJB working fully again - isn't that reason good enough to make you upgrade? If you can't do this then I doubt your loyalty to Musicmatch. Don't tell me you love it coz it's all bs.

Another method!!

I found this article on about installing MM on Windows 7.
Like some other methods, it installs, and runs MM, (MM 10.00.4033), but leaves the program a bit "flakey".
I could burn a cd to my computer, but could not play the files. I also could not supertag them.
I copied in other previously "burnt" mp3 files as a test, and they played fine and could be supertaged.
I didn't go any futher as I was "experimenting" with installing Win 7 at the time, and tested the MM install as well.
So other problems may occur.
Perhaps "playing around" and adding in some of the other methods will get us closer to a solution??

MMJB 10.004033 Link In Hotfile

Try this link of the copy of musicmatch jukebox I uploaded at " " I can't remember where I got it from but I just downloaded it from somewhere. Maybe this will help you guys to have a good copy and successfully use it in your system just like I do. I used the same copy in my desktop and laptop and never had a problem so far and it's been a year now or more i think. It's the holidays anyway so why not share something worthwhile. Happy New Year everyone! May this coming year fill your days with vibrant, dynamic rich sound of your music that only musicmatch jukebox plus can deliver. Goodluck.

Virus in MM file!!

Heh Netwave!
I downloaded the file you posted, and immediately ran a virus scan on the file. AVG found spyware in it.
Is your Antivirus reporting anything?

My File Is Virus and Spyware Free

As far as I know my file was spyware free when I uploaded it to hotfile. My antivirus and and anti spyware are not reporting anything because it is clean. And as I write this reply I tried to redownload it again and scan it. My antispyware (Malwarebytes Anti-malware) say no malicious items detected even the antivirus (NOD 32) it's a very sensitive one it can detect a virus right away but it's not saying anything. I do scan my system every week for spyware and virus. That file has been sitting here in my system for maybe two years now and I didn't have any problem using it. I know because I downloaded some bad files of MMJB before and they really gave me problems. I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe it's a false positive on AVG's part. These free scanners like AVG produce a lot of false positives sometimes. That's why I don't use them even though they're free at These false alarms are very annoying. Why don't you scan it with Norton or Kaspersky or McAffee? If they say positive then I would probably believe you. If you have doubts then don't use it. But if you decide to use it anyway, then use it at your own risk as I'm not gonna be responsible to what it may do to your system. I'm just trying to help. Go ahead look for another good file out there. As far as I'm concerned, I think it's a better choice than what any of you guys have here. No wonder you keep having problems installing it or making it run. I don't have any problem installling it and all the features of MMJB Plus are available and working great each and everytime I open the program. Maybe you need to disable those antivirus and anti-spyware while installing it. I don't know, it's the best thing I can do for you guys but if it's not working then goodluck finding one that works...flawlessly.


Ladies & Gents, (POST FROM ABOVE)

1. Install Musicmatch Plus v 10.00.4040.exe
2. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox" - Make all exe's run In compatibility mode : Win XP (Service Pack 2) and tick run as administrator.
3. Create Shortcut with following target info:
- "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe"

all done! Let me know if this works for you as well.

MMJ on Win7 64 bit

I hate to tell you this but you should not waste your time with this anymore. Im not being mean or anything. I have been a long time fan of MMJ and would love to be able to use it but its not possible on win7 64 bit unless you have it installed on another 64 bit version of windows and then use the transfer wizard. Otherwise your out of luck. Yahoo has sabotaged the installation of their Jukebox without which it is impossible I repeat impossible to install MMJ on your Win7 64 OS. Its a dead issue until someone either rewrites MMJ (extremely unlikely) or someone sweet talks Yahoo into undoing Their sabotage. Again extremely unlikely. What I use now is Jrivers media juke box. Is it as good as MMJ? No!! not by a long shot. but its about as good as it gets for right now and that really sucks. you do have one alternative though. If you can live with stepping back into the past and installing the 32 bit version of windows any version including Win7 you can get MMJ to run by using the first method That I outlined here many months ago. Best of luck to you.

MMJB 10 on Win7 64bit

I've searched the internet over and over trying to find a music program as good as Music Match, and still nothing compares. (Media Monkey comes close, but too much graphics - not enough music.) Since I paid for lifetime upgrades just before the program was sold to Yahoo and then dumped into oblivion, I can't let it go. Here's my solution for getting it to work perfectly in Win7 64bit: Downloaded and installed the XP Mode Virtual Machine, started it, downloaded and installed MMJB 10 while in XP Mode. Voila! Works like always (except the online parts - which I always considered the beginning of the end anyway).

So anyway... for you folks that are still looking for a superior music program that works on these modern crappy Windows versions, this works.

The method posted by MMJ-Fan

The method posted by MMJ-Fan (I'm not sure if you're the same person) about installing the Yahoo Jukebox was to make the MMJ work on 64 bit systems if I didn't read wrong. I could run the MMJ 10 on other machines with Windows 7 and Vista of 32 bits without any installation tricks, just by skipping the incompatibility warning and the program worked as usual, so it's clear that is the 64 bit OS what is actually causing trouble. I was just wondering how others managed to install the Yahoo MJ. Now, about the first method, the XP mode is not available for Windows Home Premium or lower so, unless is there a similar software around, the second one is my only choice so far. I would be thankful if someone can confirm if is there an effective method or if it's just impossible as you said. I did my best to read the whole thread but I'm not sure now if something has ever worked.

The method posted by MMJ-Fan

I am MMJ-Fan. I wrote the post about method 1 and 2. The problem is not Win64 per se. I had Music match running on Win7 64 bit during the beta and afterwards during the commercial release. The problem is that MMJ box was written for older operating systems and even on the OS's it was designed for it was flaky. Even if you are running the 32 bit version of VISTA or Windows 7 you can still have plenty of problems and many people here have. If you read down the posts you will see that. What The Yahoo installer did was patch the OS with a more modern installer that was compatible with later versions of windows. Part of that has to do with registering DLL files but I think there are other issues also. In any case if you had the right MMJ installer and the right Yahoo installer You could under most circumstances get MMJ to run on any 32 bit version of Windows and in most cases 64 bit. However the problem now is that Yahoo has either wittingly or unwittinly sabotaged the Yahoo installer. Without the Yahoo installer it is impossible to install MMJ on 64 bit. The problem is really that The old MMJ installer is antiquated and was not designed for modern OS's. The Yahoo installer solved the problem by properly patching the OS. But since the yahoo installer no longer works properly that is the root of the problem. So Im sorry to say its just not possible anymore. Thanks to MMJ stabbing all of us in the back in the first place and then Yahoo repeating the procedure just for good measure. (just in case you were still moving) I would dearly love someone to solve this problem but you would have to pay some code geek to decompile the installers and figure it out and even then Im not sure that that would work. You would probably need the source code and guess who has that and wont be giving it away?! .....Sigh

Like I said I reccomend going with JRiver. MMJ it is not; but it does have pretty advanced tagging features and you can get Full screen Album art to display, something no other jukebox does.

That's what I wanted to

That's what I wanted to know, thanks. Anyway as I said, I can confirm at least that the program still run on 32 bit OS. I had it on Windows Starter and it worked perfectly. Maybe I don't use all the features so I didn't experience other problems discussed before. All I need is to keep my music files nicely tagged and organized. I'm now trying Helium. Similar interface to iTunes, but more friendly and customizable for my taste. We'll have to get used then and move on without our beloved MMJ.
Finally I did some research and I found an article, but unfortunately I'm not that computer geek so I can't do much further. However I reckon this could give a clue for those who are still trying to find a solution:

MMJB 10 on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Bought a new Samsung laptop R580 model. Didn't like the Windows 7 Home Premium so I upgraded it to Ultimate 32 bit. Deleted all the partition and reinstalled everything. The first software that i installed was Musicmatch Jukebox 104033. The computer was telling me it is incompatible with the system but I said install it anyway and run the program. Amazingly, it worked again perfectly. Wow I couldn't believe this myself. Didn't have to install Yahoo MJB anymore. Used my lifetime upgrade key and it upgraded to jukebox plus. All the features are working and no bug at start up. I 'm willing to do it all over gain anyway if in case it won't work. I am so glad it worked like a charm again and didn't have to use PC Mover Professional anymore. My music remains organized under edit track info again. Registered myself as 11 year old and no update was opted. I think that clean uncorrupted file of Musicmatch which I had archived helped a lot too.

MMJB v.7 did the trick

I just bought a Win 7 Dell and wanted to see if by chance MusicMatch would run on it. So I found my old MMJB disk and was disappointed that it was an ancient version 7. What the hell I popped it in, and after telling the PC to run the incompatible software, it installed and ran. I do have some quirks. Some files, maybe 10-15 tracks out of 4,000+, showed up in my library with the last letter chopped off of title, artist, album, etc., so I deleted those and replaced them. That worked. When I click on "Edit Track Information," the title line includes both artist and song title for some reason. I've uploaded music from CDs and have burned two CDs. I miss being able to edit track info right in the library listings as I could in v.10, but I'm not complaining. I'm running a 10-year-old music program on Win 7 and streaming music wirelessly to my stereo system downstairs and, from there, through my wired speakers above my back deck. Awesome. Forgot to say, the software recognized a key and upgraded my features.

While I'm here, does anyone happen to know if any software companies are considering buying the rights to MMJB from Yahoo and reviving it? And apparently I'm not alone in regarding MMJB as more user-friendly and intuitive than iTunes, WMP, RealPlayer, et al. I haven't tried Music Monkey. How would a MMJB fan like that program?

mmjb burn

I also loaded older version and it worked but it can't see my recorder so i can't burn. Any insight on this?

Another Thing That Works

When you have musicmatch working just fine in one computer, and want to move it in a new one, don't try installing it again coz it might not work already. For some reason, some people don't want us to enjoy the benefits of having musicmatch anymore. Here's what you need to do instead. Just move your files and programs using Laplink's PC Mover Professional. You might be able to retain the program as well as other settings. I know it worked for me. Just make sure you have the same size of hard drive and operating system.


YahooEl.exe is the missing file that tries to install when one tries to install Yahoo! Music Jukebox. This must be an online file only, or a file that's embedded within the YMJ executable that's only activated once communication with the Yahoo Music server is established. I've been researching this and unless I'm wrong, the file for the Yahoo! Ogg Codec and the SureThing Premium Printing both come from this EXE file. When attempting to install the jukebox, the application tries to pull this one file from the servers which of course isn't there anymore. After a set period of time, the installation "succeeds" without ever downloading this file and the two components needed appear to have downloaded okay but causes the installation to actually crash. Maybe if someone still has YMJ still installed on their computer they could upload that file to a server for those to download and put in their own YMJ folder.

Just a suggestion that might be crazy enough to work.

Need Update!

I have version 6.00.0225 need to update also haven't used this program in forever , I also have the lifetime update !

MMJB 10 on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

I don't know what are your problems guys but mine is still working just fine. When I add tracks, it'll say access is denied but it'll still add anyway in the library after clicking ok and choosing the right folder. Everything else work just fine. Maybe you need to find the right version of MMJB 10. Or install the Yahoo music jukebox first then the musicmatch. I just followed the method they've shared in here and everything works like a charm. You have to make musicmatch your default player. I have itunes too but I only use it to add music to my Ipod. Musicmatch still rules in my system.

I need help my friend

I want install MMJK but I dont know what version is good.My PC is windows 7 Home Premiun 64 bit.Thanks for any help you can give to me.thanks

MMJB 10.00.4033 is The Good Version

First you've got to change your operating system. I had that kind before and it didn't work. Switch to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. That's the version that should work well. But you also need to have an uncorrupted version of musicmatch otherwise you'll have problems with installation. Clean install the operatimg system and let musicmatch be the first software you install ahead of everything. Goodluck!

mmjb 10 and windows 7 64 bit

How do i fix my mmjb. Since I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate edition my mmjb does not work. Does not even want to open due to an px.dll missing file. PLEEAAASSEEEEEE help. MMJB is awesome and can't play 70 000 songs through any other program.

I Had That Problem Before

Yes I had that problem before. What I did was to find that missing file from the internet, install yahoo music jukebox, and then install musicmatch. It worked for me. But I don't know this time maybe they disabled the full installation of that yahoo mjb. I think they disabled some files to be downloaded from the server. What I'm doing right now is move the musicmatch files of the program and ymjb by means of PC Mover Professional. In this software you can select the files and programs you want to move to another PC. I've done it before from windows XP to Windows 7 and it worked. I understand your frustration from where you're coming from. I am also a long time fan of musicmatch even bought that lifetime upgrade before. I just couldn't understand why they sold it to Yahoo.

MMJB alternative

I too am an avid MMJB fan. I bought the lifetime upgrade (taught me a lesson). When yahoo bought MMJB was the end for me. I am now using J River Media Center 15. It's no MMJB, but it will do anything I want to do. The thing I like, when they do a major upgrade it is offered to owners for a small fee. I like this option. No more lifetime upgrade scams for me. Check it out here:

No Thanks, Still Musicmatch For Me

Thank you but my musicmatch jukebox plus still working fine. I just need to move it to my laptop so I can enjoy it everywhere. But first I need to upgrade that home premium to ultimate so it'll work perfectly in the laptop. At least that lifetime key still works for me. Still nothing compares to musicmatch. The music is so vibrant, rich and full. I wouldn't trade it for anything right now when it comes to playing music.


I have MM version 8 installed with my Windows 7 and it works fine except i can't get it to burn because it does not see my recorder. Any ideas?

MM8 Burner

I had trouble getting my burner to come up through the player in XP. I resolved this by going to the program file and making a shortcut of the MMJBBurn.exe, then dragged it to my desktop. When I want to use the burner, I just hit the shortcut and all is great! Nice to know that MM8 will run in Win7-Thanks!


I did the same thing in Windows 7.......made a shortcut of MMJMBURN.exe....but it stilll can't see my recorder.???? so, i can create and print jewel case covers but not burn CDs.


Mine was like that before it cannot recognize the DVD drives available. So no DVD drives available for recording and playing CDs. But eventually for some reason I don't know they were recognized by musicmatch and become available for playing and recording. Maybe because of my constant updates from Microsoft. Well I am not really sure but amazingly they become available. Before, musicmatch wasn't even recognize in my system. Meaning, windows 7 was complaining about compatibility issues of Musicmatch but now I think it's fully embraced by the system because I see no more of these complaints and musicmatch starts fully everytime I click on the icon. It's also one of the active programs when I click on the start button. I can never trade in Musicmatch for itunes. The sound of my MP3s is really dynamic, vibrant and full in Musicmatch. It's like a live performance compared to just a recording.
Ok, if you're interested here's what I did. You need to get hold of MMJB 10.00.4033 version. It's all out there in the internet. Just be patient and you'll find it for free. This is the one I have in my system. But first I think you need to get rid of that old version 8. Make sure you uninstall everything or delete any traces from your system. And then install that Yahoo Music Jukebox. Use the links they've provided here. I never use it anyway even though I installed it. Restart your system. And then install the MMJB 10.00.4033 version. During installation fill up that registration form making yourself younger than 13 years old. So make up any birthday as long as you end up younger than 13. After installation you should put in your upgrade key to bring about all the full features of musicmatch jukebox plus. I bought the lifetime upgrade key before. It's what I have right now. And then get all the windows updates. That's all I did really. And everything works perfectly fine. Goodluck to your troubleshooting.:-)


I tried method 2.....installed the Yahoo MJB first and got stopped with messaged that i needed two files......... program tried to download these but couldn't. Did this happen to you at all? Could not get past that early step.


Can you still print jewel case covers?


So you did try and got an error message. Hmmmm..that's wierd! You see our main difference is you installed version 8. I never did that. I'm afraid there are still some files left from that version which prevent normal installation of YMJB. Version 8 is for old operating system like windows 98 or 95. Not even sure if XP will accept that. If you force install a software in a new operating system then it might disable some shared files needed for installation. And so if I were you, I'll back up my files and reformat the hard drive or even erase using Active Kill Disk. Or just buy a new hard drive and reinstall Windows 7. And then go through Method 2 again installing Yahoo Music Jukebox first and then Musicmatch version 10.00.4033 please.

Yes I can still print jewel cases if I want to. Like I've told you all the features of Musicmatch Jukebox Plus. Get a clean uncorrupted version of MMJB 10. Let me know of your progress. Just wanted to help if I can so that other people can still enjoy their music using Musicmatch. Goodluck and be patient.

Actually....i had tried to

Actually....i had tried to install on different computer without any previous versions of MM present.


Then perhaps you have the corrupted version of that YMJB. You need to find the right files that work. If one doesn't work then find a different one until you get it to work. Be careful also when you use antispyware or antivirus they might delete some important files.


any way you can send me your version that works?


Google it man. That's why we have internet. I told you be patient.


Patience I got. Will keep looking.

Can't import mp3 files

I have installed MMJ 10 running Windows 7 just fine. However when I try to add tracks to Library I get the following message:

The item (song name.mp3) is not currently recognized by the system.
The Device on which the item resides may not have completed it's initilization. Please wait a moment & then press retry.

Well I have waited & waited and still nothing.
Does anyone know what this problem is? It was working fine on my previous Vista PC??

MMJ 10 Plus not working anymore on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bits

I used to play almost all my music in MMJ 10 Plus, I did the "leap of faith" and upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bits from XP the last year and everything was cool... I successful installed MMJ 10 and I was able to use it always without any problem... everything was cool... until now... the last week, after an windows update MMJ stops working and I don't have a clue about why!

The splash and wave sound plays like normal, but MMJ won't load and when I open the task manager I saw the mim.exe and mmjb.exe running in the background but there is nothing running on the desktop or explorer.

I've removed MMJ and re-installed again like 5 times... I ran the installer in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode and I still get the warning about incompatibility issues, but I keep going, I reboot my pc when the installer asked for it and seems like everything is going to work, but nothing happens... I still get the same crash on the splash logo.

Does anybody knows how to fix this issue?

Any help would be very appreciated.

MMJ stopped working

This is not intended to be a full answer:

MMJ is flaky.....always has been. Might be because of windows update but I doubt it. Probably just a coincidence. However, Just to be sure you might try rolling back your OS to a time before the update. In fact there should be a restore point for that update. Try that first and see if that works then come back here and let me know if it worked or not. If It does not I'll give you a run through on how to do a reinstall that should work.

Run as admin

I found that I never had to run in compatibility mode (which makes it run like a hippo... fat and slow) but that I ALWAYS have to run it as admin so that it runs without a problem and all the features are available. I'm using MMJ 10 btw.

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