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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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I have already restore my

I have already restore my computer to a previous point to that update and still getting the same error/crash when the program starts.

I have also try to re-installed using the administrator account... although my account has administrator's privileges and still no good to go.

Your help will be very appreciated if you could indeed help me with this annoying problem.

Thanks in advance!

I have already restore my

OK I cant promise this will work but it should. Roll your system foward if possible to where it should be. Go ahead and uninstall MMJ. Restart your machine. Now go to your control panel and turn off UAC. You will have to restart your machine again. Now do the Fllowing:

go to The properties on the MMJ installer and set compatibility mode for XP service pack2. also click run as admin. close the properties and double click on the installer. ignore any compatibility warnings you get and continue on. Put your birthday down as under 13 and turn off any personalisation settings and cacheing. Also turn off auto registration. go ahead with install. Make sure to install as standard not the full version. Uncheck run MMJ and read importent notes. click finish.

go to The X86 programs folder and give admin privileges to all the exec programs with the MMJ icon and put in compatibility mode Xp service pack 2. dont do this for the e-registration program. other exec files leave alone. close the window and reboot your machine. Now go to your control panel and turn back on UAC. reboot your machine.

when your machine restarts go to start programs and find MMJ. Right click on the icon and run as admin. click yes if UAC comes up. It may hang for a bit and usually does the first time around. give it a couple of minutes if it does not run properly close it and try again and it should run. MMJ will offer upgrade decline. also decline auto registration if it should come up. go to help and find the entry for liscense key entry and click on it. put your lifetime key in. it will try to contact MMJ and fail of course. But you will be given provisional authorisation. As a practiocal matter this seems to last forever. So you should have smooth sailing after this.

If it does not install and run properly I reccomend Jrivers media jukebox which is what Im using now. Has a great deal of tagging and custom tagging options for not only MP3's but OGG, Vorbis, Wav, WAv pack. Has ASIO out as well as the direct sound, WAV out etc. You can use your own CD/Album art in full screen. The program is skinnable. It takes a bit of fooling around with to get used to. Its not at first very intuitive but once you get a handle on it it is very powerful and customisable. It works in VISTA and WIN7 32 bit and 64 bit.

If you need any further assistance just leave a note here.

Best of Luck and happy computing.


Does Jrivers print Jewel Case Inserts?

Does J River print inserts?

Yes. It will print labels. I can't say if it does a good job or not, since I don't do that. If I could have back the MMJB I once had I would not even know about Media Center. In my opinion, J River media Center is the next best thing.

Thanks a lot buddy!

Hey, now that's what I call help!!!

I did exactly what you say and it works flawlessly, now I'm happy again with my MMJ.

Once again, thanks a lot!!!

Thanks a lot buddy!

Your very welcome, glad I could help.

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox trick no longer works for installing MusicMatch Jukebox. Whenever I try to install YMJ, it's wanting to install Yahoo! Oggs codec (which is no longer available) and SureThing premium printing or something like that. I hit cancel on both and get a succeed message. It goes into like it's installing the software but the just stops. I'm on Windows 7 and I missed my MusicMatch. Nothing really adds up. I was able to install Jukebox 7.0 but unfortunately I couldn't do nothing with it. It doesn't recognize my CD drives, doesn't recognize my files or nothing. I really like to get Jukebox back on my computer. I can't do virtualization since I own the Home Premium edition of Windows 7. Any help will be appreciated.

Yahoo trick

Yep your right, it no longer works. I just built a new machine and reloaded Win7 64 only to find that I could nolonger install MMJ jukebox. Actually if you keep trying you can get the codec but the printer driver or whatever it is is not available. Well I can go the XP mode route but I'd rather not. I dont like virtualisation its a cludge at best. Its rediculous to have to run a virtual engine then another OS ontop of the one your already running just to run one app. However it may be that that is the only way to run it anymore for those of us running 64 bit. Im going to keep looking for another solution but Im not hopefull. There is someone on this forum who is talking about making a brand new MMJ clone app but no telling how long or diffecult an undertaking that could be.

UpDate: as of Wednesday april 21st 2010:

Ok I have installed MMJ in XP mode. Theres not a lot good to say about this. First off you will need a top end machine and you will have to be running Either The ultimate edition or one of the top end business editions. Even if you have all of that The virtual machine takes a lot of time and resources to get installed. Once you get xp mode installed It is sluggish. Add to this that there are two different modes you can run the virtual machine in and they are mutually exclusive and you can end up wasting even more time. The good news is that installing apps like MMJ in XP mode is a snap. The bad is that it will slow your system to a crawl also you end up with a huge virtual drive on your hard disk and if your using SSD's you wont want to give up this much realastate. For me the biggest dissapointment is that you only get 16 bit color. So if you use full screen album art or use the Desktop to display album art it looks really bad. You get a art poster like effect. I think the only real answer here is either to hack the installer for Yahoo jukebox to remove the need to install that print service/driver or someone or some group needs to make a new program that is essentially a clone written in 64 bit native code. The last is probably the best option. There is a guy named Jamie who has a forum of MMJ fans who is working on a MMJ clone or replacement and is looking for suggestions and will probably need some help too.

Look here:

I signed up for the site.

I signed up for the site. The one thing I noticed, like I posted on that site, is that MMJB v10.00.2058 installs normally and when you click on the link to start the program, it displays the splash page but never starts. Maybe someone can figure out what is preventing that version from starting and then correct it. I remember when I was running XP on my old computer that sometimes I would get the same problem where clicking on the icon to start the MMJB program would bring up the splash page but the program would never start. However, when clicking a music file to would bring up and start the program. I'm not sure anyone has tried this (I haven't but I might just do it).

Windows 7 32bit and MMJB No problems

I have been running mmjb ver 10. on W7 for a year now and have no problems whatsoever. I just installed it and apart from windows saying that it was incompatible I went ahead and installed. Didn't use any fancy install methods or tweaks and it has worked very well ever since. My only problem is that there are no skins available and I am stuck with the default skin. Anyone got any links to where there might be some skins to download.

Windows 7 and MMJB 10 Still can't load

I'm still having problems getting MMJB to load with Windows 7 32bit. I tried reinstalling the software, changed compability but to no avail. Can anybody help???


The problem lays with explorer i dont give a crap about internet explorer so i back dated it to IE6 and now i have no problem loading it ... Now i am using XP but i figure IE is still your problem... i use Google Chrome and backdated IExp to get my music match back LOVE IT all works except the Cd lookup....

Windows 7- 64 bit and MMJB 10

Followed the Method 2 they've shared in here and it worked like a charm. What I need right now is some skins. Didn't really like what I've gotten so far. Anybody who's willing to share good skins? Would be greatly appreciated.


I have converted my os to Windows 7 64 bit. I have tried to download old version MUSICMACH JUKEBOX 0but was unsuccssful. Do any one can help me to do it? Thanks

Windows 7 and MMJB 10

just follow the method they do in this thread...keep reading below and you'll find them

musicmatch 10 skins

I forgot to give you my email on those musicmatch 10 skins it is

musicmatch 10 skins

I have a bunch of skins for musicmatch 10 e-mail and we can see how i can get them to you

MusicMatch 10 Skins

If you are still around, could you PLEASE email your MMJ 10 skins to I will be forever grateful...


Music Match JukeBox 10 Skins

Hi I saw a forum post where you said you had some skins for music match jukebox 10? Do you still have them as I'm unable to get the one's I've downloaded to show up in the skins chooser option even tried moving the skins to the program's skins file. I would be extremly greatfull if you could mail them to me my address is KerriKravin@Yahoo.Com

Thanks in advance


Could you be so nice and send me the skins for my MM10 also.....please......
:) TYVM :)

MMJB 10 Skins

I was following the thread about skins for MMJB 10 could you email them to me as well?
I downloaded some, but they are not working (may be from older version). I'm running Win 7 Home premium (64 bit), and MMJB itself is working fine.
Would really appreciate it! :)

musicmatch 10 skins

kindly email me on how i can get those skins.. musicmatch has this colbalt skin so so boring been using it for years!!

mmjb skins

If you can supply your email address I can send them to you.



I got musicmatch to work on my computers just fine. However, every time I add new music MMJB is never recognizes the first song in the album or if I add more than one album at a time it only recognizes the first one in the folder.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


i am running windows 7 premium 64 bit and it don,t run because a error of missing a px.dll file missing is ther someone who can help me? thanks

MusicMatch 10 & Windows 7

Ok here's what I did; I installed Windows 7 X64 retail version from the release candidate (Build 7100). After a simple tweak to a certain file i was able to upgrade from the evaluation verion to a full version. Refer to this
After the new OS was installed, I went ahead and installed Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode. From the XP virtual mode install your MusicMatch program.
Keep in mind that if you're currently running the eval version of Win7 you cannot install virtual PC.
Good luck

MMJ 10 and Windows 7...further issues

I've managed to get MMJ 10 to run on Windows 7-64bit however I cannot burn cd's. It tells me that no cd/dvd are found. In the beginning of the installation I was notified twice that there was a compatibility issue. I ignored that and continued installation. Aside from following the second method did I miss something?

Musicmatch jukebox on VISTA and windows 7 64 bit

Ok I can positively report that I have confirmed 2 methods to get MMJ 10 up and running on Win 7 64 bit. The first method is a bit involved but in many ways is the easiest and most trouble free.

What you have to do is install XP mode on Windows 7. This is not a compatibility mode its virtualisation. It does work very well but you need a machine with a lot of power and resources. once you have tghe virtual machine installed you will need to reboot. then install XP mode and reboot. Xp will need to be updated. go ahead and let XP update. You have to restart XP but not your machine. now drop the MMJ 10 installer on XP's desktop and run the installer. You dont have to adjust any settings or jump through any hoops. It will just install and will run perfectly. Import your music and you are all set. you can even runn MMJ without XP!

Method 2:
This is crazy but it works:

go here first:

Read it!
now go here and get the right installer:

yes Thats the Yahoo version of MMJ. You need this if you want to do a direct install of the regular version of MMJ.

Go ahead and set the properties for the Yahoo installer to unblock and run as admin. do not use any compatibility mode!
Now go ahead and run the Yahoo installer. Its straight foward and common sense. When you are done close it down.

Now go ahead and set the properties for MMJ installer. set to unblock and run as admin. Set compatibility mode to XP service pack 2.
Now go ahead and run it. set it up as you normally would. I suggest you set your age to under 13 and uncheck the register electronically box.
At the end of the installation you will be given the choice for standard or premium. choose standard. now wait. It will probably hang for a bit. just be paitent. Once MMJ comes up normal go ahead and put in your life time key. It will try and verify it and this will take a few minutes and fail. It will then inform you that you have been issued a provisional authentication. go ahead and yse use as normal. I dont know if there is a clock that starts ticking on that provisional autorisation or not but I have been running it for 2 weeks now with no hassels. hope this helps. feel free to ask any questions. I'll try and get back with you.



Where can I get this file? the link no longer exist.

Ultimate x64

Method 2 seems to work on my Windows 7 ultimate x64 machine

Thanks mate

MMJ key

I don't have my key anymore and don't remember what they start with and how many char and what kind they use.

Can drag files into playlist from Windows Explorer (OS-Win7 64)

Hello MMJ-Fan,

Thank you for providing the installation instructions for MMJ v10. I was able to install it using both methods and chose to stay with method 2.

I'm having one problem though. I can't drag and drop files from windows explorer into the musicmatch playlist window. Is this a problem that you are experiencing? Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.



Re: Can drag files into playlist from Windows Explorer

Honestly I never add files in this fashion, I always right click on the library view window and then click on the add tracks. I have all my music in one big library and then subdevided into contemporary, Blues , Jazz, Soundtracks, Vocalists and Avnte'garde. That goes back to when Music match had seperate libraries. Thats something I wish they would have kept ......Oh Well. Anyway back to your question....... I will investigate this and see what I can dig up.

My guess is that this is one of those weak spots in W.O.W., but Honestly I doubt it. Have you gone into the MMJ program file and made the native MMJ programs run as admin and in compatibilty mode? Go back and double check. The first time I did this It did not stick for some reason. But like I said I will dig around a bit and see what I can come up with. Until later .....

musicmatch 10

am running windows 7 premium 64 bit and with this one you can not run the xp mode? i wil try the second method.thanks!

MMJ on windows 7 64 bit premium

The second method is what I have decided to keep and use. A word of caution though ....... You may find after the initial installation the program starts but never opens. This is because MMJ code is poorly written and needs a lot of high level permissions to work at all. If you get false starts go to the X86 program folder and give Admin privileges to all the Exec programs that have the MMJ icon. Now go ahead and launch. UAC will come up and protest that a program wants to make changes ....... go ahead and click OK. It will always start now but you will always have to give it permission through UAC. There is a way around this however. Look Here:

now you should have a trouble free no hassel installation.

Best of Luck


There is a much easier way. Simply turn off UAC. It won't do any harm. I never use it. Since the launch of Vista when the UAC was in your face all the time, I decided to turn it off as it was so annoying. Got the usual pop ups saying NO your pc is at risk. At risk from what ?. My anti virus and spyware programs can deal with any threats that come along. Have now got W7 home premium(running both 32+64bit) and first thing I did was turn off UAC. Never had any problems. Give it a go. If it doesn't work for you then just turn it back on again.


Most people have tried this and it only works on 32 bit. The 64 bit versions of Vista and Win7 register DLL's differently then their 32 bit counterparts and differently then XP. The exeception seems to be those who have already installed The correct version of yahoo jukebox on their machines. Further I cannot reccomend that anyone turn off UAC except as a temporary measure. If By some miracle you got MMJ to install on 64 bit WIN7 and never had Yahoo installed you are the only one That I have heard of doing this.

musicmatch 10

i m going to try this because it open after instal just one time en when i restart my compyter it don.t start anymore and give me the a error no settings for recording and download and it you can press new settings but it won,t do it error 17

MMJ on windows 7 64 bit premium

If This does not work you will have to use XP mode. You should be able to Use it with your version of Win 7. it may be that Virtualisation is turned off on your machine and you will need to turn it on if it is off! Then go here for the install files you will need:

Good LucK

P,S. oh also check out this video it might help you with XP mode:


Reading problems with mmjb on Windows.
My favourite is 7.5 which instals & runs fine on XP with IE6. Problems start with IE upgrade to 7 or 8. MM stops working when upgraded if already installed, or will not instal as new installation.
Uninstal IE7 or 8 thro "Add or Remove" & Windows will revert to IE6 & all is fine again.
There is a simple fix which will run MM with IE7 or 8 which I presume means will work with Vista, but have not tried with W7.

problems with mmjb on Windows XP

Yes, I know about This. However I cant reccomend that anybody uninstall their current version of Interner explorerer just to get MMJ 7 installed. Its not a good idea just from the point of security and further XP gets Flaky over long periods of use without reinstallation and the more uou mess with it the more problems you have going down the road. I have read that "The Fix" works well without having to jump trhough the hoops of uninstalling a major component of your OS. That is what I would suggest or if you want something that just works without having to do any questionable fix's get another hard drive and set your computer up for dual boot with another installion of Win98.

best of luck and happy computing

musicmatch 10

it don,t works for me and with my version windows 7 home premium edition you can,t run xp that what the said on the site of micrsoft.its a pitty but i think the options for me are done.thank you for all!!!!

windows 7 64bit and MMJ

Yep I can help, Im testing 2 variations of installations right now. I'll be back and post here within the hour. Myself and a bunch of others have been hasseling with this for a while. check back in about an hour. about 6:00 pm EST

MM 7 works on Vista

Just wanted to let you all know, I installed MusicMatch 7 just fine on Vista. I double clicked the installer and it didn't do anything. I right clicked and clocked "run as administrator" and it installed fine. When I run it, I get the "compatibility" error, but click "run anyway" and it works fine.

MusicMatch 10

I've searched for something close to MusicMatch for a couple of years now and NOTHING beats it. What I don't like about all these newer MP3 programs is that all tracks are displayed sorted by artist. If you have a huge library like mine, it's a pain in the @ss! With MusicMatch, all the artists have a + sign next to their names, and when you click on the "+", the music by that artist is expanded. Unlike every other program I've tried, with MM there is no music library listing that takes 30 minutes to scroll through to find what you want. Also with MM, when you double click a song, it adds it to the current playlist, and every subsequent click adds that next song into queue, instead of stopping the first song and changing over to the most recently clicked. I wish someone would pull their head out of their @ss and put together another MP3 program like MusicMatch 10, but without the slow and buggy startup. I would buy it in a heartbeat!


Download link for Yahoo Musicmatch

Working in Windows 7

Install version 12 of yahoo musicmatch 1st, then install version 10 regular musicmatch AFTER that and it works perfect.

version 12 of yahoo musicmatch

Where do you download version 12 of yahoo musicmatch

where to download version 12

I've tried everything to get mmjb v10 to work on my win 7x64 but l=no luck. so I turn to you please help. I really like mmjb I've used it for years plz assist if you can.

Need details plz

I've followed your brief instructions on getting MusicMatch 10 to work on Windows 7 but MusicMatch still will not recognize my DVD/CD drives.

I am running the 64bit version.. .Did i miss something?

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