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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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Musicmatch jukebox on VISTA and windows 7 64 bit

Hey Im very curious, Im currently running MMJ 10 virtually in XP mode on Win 7 ultimate 64 bit edition. Ive tried everything in the book to get it to run directly on Win 7 without success. you say you got it running directly but first installed Yahoo? Yahoo 12? I only remember there being like 2 versions of Yahoo and it somehow patched MMJ, but it works the other way? did you have to run with the installer in admin, turn off UAC etc?

ok, musicmatch went up to

ok, musicmatch went up to ver 10, yahoo did 1 and 2 which was 11 and 12 so ver 2 of yahoo

Please send a Music Match install File for Vista!

Would somebody e-mail me the install file for Vista. I've used MM for years and accidently deleted it while trying to fix a problem with burning CDs.

I would be very, very grateful!!!!


MMJB 10 and Windows 7

This is a great app!, I can organize my music and transfer it to my player with any problem! (Unlike that crappy WMP 12 (Yeah, I'm running Windows 7 x32)) and it doesn't uses a lot of resources, thing that iTunes do!, I repeat, I'm running windows 7 x32 and the 10 version (10.00.4033) works perfectly to me! =)

Musicmatch jukebox on Vista and Windows 7!

I have been running MMJ since it first came out. I love the supertagging feature but most of all I like the ability to display my high resolution album art in full screen on my desktop. No other jukebox does this. You can also tag WAV files with all the same tags and art etc as MP3's. I dont know any other juke box that will recognise the tags on WAV files.

I actually re-ripped most of my music to WAV format because I have extremmely large hard drives now and space is not an issue and they do sound better. Now when VISTA first came out there were definite issues with it. It ran but it was flaky and the desktop/album art feature would not work. But after Service Pack 1, I did a reinstall of MMJ from the installer which I still had a copy of. I ran it as administrator in compatibility mode for WinXp serpk2 after a clean boot. After installation I went to the executable in the program files and assigned compatibilty mode XP serpak 1. It runs perfectly ever since. This only applies to VISTA32. I am currently running Windows 7 X64. Very nice OS and is very forgiving. I have made several attempts at installing MMJ 10 and was almost succesfull but there is an issue with how the DLL's are registered in X64 vs X32 and the PX dll's wont register.

However I have read an account of someone who got it running on VISTA 64, However the procedure is insane and definitely not for the faint of heart. But I think there may be another way. If I can get it to work. I'll come back and post how I did it here. If It can be made to work on VISTA 64 it can be made to run on Windows 7. For those of you looking for a jukebox that has the ability to display near full screen album art I suggest you take a look at Slacker software.

Its no good for tagging and wont see the artwork associated with WMA's or WAV files. Some people have suggested MP3 toys. Its interesting and does have alot of capabilities.

Tagging and MMJB Plus

I had an old computer where MMJB 10 Plus worked perfectly but it has died. Because of iTunes and TuneUp, I hadn't use MMJB that recently but did think it was far superior so finally installed MMJB Plus on my new Windows 7 laptop. It works perfectly except it cannot look up tags; there is an internet connectivity issue at the first screen and when trying to look up tags.

I do realize that there are other products, TuneUp, for example but much prefer MMJB so wondering does this feature still work? If so, which I do doubt because Yahoo stopped supporting it years ago but hope that I am pleasantly surprised, what do I need to do? Is it a problem with IE8? I prefer FireFox so should I uninstall IE8 and use an older version?


This is a simple shortcut fix which appears to resolve the RECTIFY PX.DLL issue! Alternatively you could create a ".bat" file which could do the same thing.

1. Install Musicmatch Plus v 10.00.4040.exe (or whichever version you have I guess)
2. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox" - Make all exe's run In compatibility mode : Win XP (Service Pack 2) and tick run as administrator.
3. Create Shortcut with following target info:
- "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\Px.dll" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmjb.exe"
You will need to open player each time, via the new shortcut (before opening mp3; otherwise you'll get same px.dll error (not a permanent error though.

all done! Let me know if this works for you as well.

I have posted in a few places IOT get the message out; lets hope this works for you.

MMJB 10 under Windows 7 Home Edition.

I tried mark compatibility mode all .EXE's as WIN XP SP2 or SP3 and did all recommended steps.
Also I copy PX.dll from
c:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Update\MMJB\sonic\
c:\Program Files (x86)\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\

Still doesn't work.
I see MusicMatch Jukebox icon and then it disappeared.


I feel for you brother, I have been running it since it first came ou, i was a beta tester for it then.. It will be missed since win 7 does noy support it.. SIGH Is there any SW engineers out there that want to take on that challenge??

Running Musicmatch on Windows 7

I ran across this article on about installing MusicMatch on Windows 7
I gave it a try and MusicMatch does install and run. However it is still "flakey". I could burn a cd to my computer, but could not play the "burnt" files. Also I could not Supertag them. However I could add and play existing mp3 files on my computer, and could supertag them. I didn't experiment a lot, and was only "playing" with installing and using MusicMatch, so other problems may crop up. But it's a bit of a step closer to what we want. Perhaps with some more "playing" around it can be made to work better?

Musicmatch jukebox on Vista and Windows 7

I see this was posted long ago and may be you managed to install MMJB. I could never install MMJB with Vista, but when I got Window 7 I installed it using the compatibility program. Then I did some Windows updates and the program could work any longer. I've tried everything possible and then did the installation in the following way: Unplug you internet connetion and end IE with taskmanager. Do a custom installation and intall the in it's own folder eg. C:/Music Match Jukebox, not in the normal path c:\Program files etc. Ignore the popup screen that wants to connect to the internet. This way MMJB I could install MMJB 9 on both Vista and Windows 7 . Thought it did not install correctly on my PC because it does'nt recognize my Bluray drive for ripping CDs. I am not sure if it will do so on other CD/DVD drives. Hope this can help someone.


With all the talented people that love MM Jukebox, I just cannot believe that SOMEONE can't figure out a way to make MM play on Windows 7. Is it some kind of legal matter or what? Why can't someone make a jukebox that plays just like MM and name it something different? I wouldn't expect it to be free. I'd be willing to pay for a REAL good jukebox. Windows Media and Winamp are a joke. I can't figure out how to do anything I want to do, even can't play simple files correctly. I think that each one tries to mess the other.
Please let me know if you know of any jukebox that I could get rid or WM and WA.
Thanks for letting me vent.


I just started a message board for the tons of people like you and I who miss MusicMatch Jukebox. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and faced a similar problem, so I've decided to attempt to program a replacement for MMJB that has a lot of the same features. Take a look at the forum at and let me know more specifically what features you liked or didn't like. Thanks for the help, and please let all your friends who are also fans of MMJB to lend a hand, too!


Music Match - Windows 7 ---- WORKS !!!!!

Took some work, but finally got MusicMatch to work with Win7...... It was actually quite simple .... What I did .. downlaoded ver 9.00.5085a, install using compatability win 98/me, with admin rights. Ignore warnings, install anyway. After install, restarted, went to install directory, and on all files ending exe (application files) set compatability win98/me with admin rights.... Music Match works in Windows 7 YEAH !!!


how do you install useing compatable win 98/me

Music Match Jukebox on Windows 7 Home Premium

I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit), so don't have Windows XP mode mentioned in other posts. The only compatibility modes it shows for the music match 9.00.5085a installer are for Windows Server 2008 and Vista; nothing else. Is this also a limitation of the home version? Which version of Windows 7 are you using?
I have not wanted to go past music match version 9 because from what I saw when I tried 10, the "preference" tag was changed/replaced so that ratings are in stars. I had rated songs with numbers (1 to 5) and text (eg. "bad language") where required so that I could filter depending on who was listening (eg. parents).

Music Match Jukebox on Windows 7 Home Premium

You have to understand that these early versions of MMJ were written for early versions of windows. Those early versions of windows were well disguised DOS operating systems. Howeve XP could and would do some neat things to make some very arcane programs run. I can remember even getting 8 bit programs to run on it. There were reasons why much of that was left behind mostly relating to secureing the Kernal and the OS. However once you move up to 64 bit everything changes. You have a whole new set of problems with compatibility. I wont bore you with all the details but I dont think you will get any early versions of MMJ to run on X64. I have tried myself because there were features like seperate libraries which I did like. However I had no luck with any of the early versions.
Now onto your problem, The only way that I have gotten to work is with the very last version and the method is some what convoluted. Try this:

This is crazy but it works:

go here first:

Read it!
now go here and get the right installer:

yes Thats the Yahoo version of MMJ. You need this if you want to do a direct install of the regular version of MMJ.

Go ahead and set the properties for the Yahoo installer to unblock and run as admin. do not use any compatibility mode!
Now go ahead and run the Yahoo installer. Its straight foward and common sense. When you are done close it down.

Now go ahead and set the properties for MMJ installer. set to unblock and run as admin. Set compatibility mode to XP service pack 2.
Now go ahead and run it. set it up as you normally would. I suggest you set your age to under 13 and uncheck the register electronically box.
At the end of the installation you will be given the choice for standard or premium. choose standard. now wait. It will probably hang for a bit. just be paitent. Once MMJ comes up normal go ahead and put in your life time key. It will try and verify it and this will take a few minutes and fail. It will then inform you that you have been issued a provisional authentication. go ahead and yse use as normal. I dont know if there is a clock that starts ticking on that provisional autorisation or not but I have been running it for months now with no hassels. hope this helps.

P.S. you can set up a custom feild in version 10 and use your own rating system. Thats what I would do.

Now running Yahoo version

Thank you. I am now running the Yahoo version as suggested.

Re: Musicmatch jukebox on Vista and Windows 7!

You can put musicmatch on windows 7 if you have the professional ultimate and enterprise version of it the have an windows xp mode that you have to download from microsoft

MMJB & Win7 -64

I installed MMJB10 on a Vista 32 machine using normal install and had no problems. I have since installed Windows 7 - 64. Did you ever find a way to get MMJB10 working with this OS?

Musicmatch jukebox on VISTA and windows 7 64 bit

OK I installed the XP Mode on Windows 7 X64. after updating XP I installed Musicmatch 10 on XP from The XP desktop. No need to jump through any hoops like with Vista. No running as admin or in compatibility mode. Just run it and it installs. you will have to restart XP and then pick your music directories. Oddly the virtual machine sees all the other drives on your machine so you can use existing directories. But MMJ will see them as remote directories and ask to import them. I did and I suspect that things will run more smoothly if you do, however if space is at a premium you might want to see how it works first with using native directories. Eveything functions perfectly. all The functions of multi tagging on all formats including wav files works! The wallpaper functin works also but only on The XP desktop but you can just go to full screen and your set or alternately you can use The media window and drag it until its as big as your desktop. I use to do that on older versions before I had the life time key. Now here is the best part. Once you have it installed you can run it like a normal app from windows 7 without turning on XP. It will run as a virtual app without XP! now thats cool. If anyone has any questions just leave a message and I'll answer. Im putting it through its pases now. I have not tried riiping anything yet but I will tonight and see how it works. I understand some people have had trouble getting MMJ to see their CD/DVD drives.

Burning CD's with MMJB in Win7 X64 XP Mode1 & Windows Virtual PC

I have had MMJB since ver4 I love it. I have quite a large selection of music and what I love about MMJB is I can put as many song into the play list as I want then do a burn and a Smart Split with 1000's of MP3's and it just tells me when to put the next CD in to burn. This is what I want to do but can't. I can't ever do a plane old burn of a CD. All I can get to is D:MS c/DVD-ROM. and it does nothing. If anyone can answer please provide detailed help. My Setup is Win 7 X64,rRunning XP mode and Windows V-PC. I have MMJB 9.0 loaded and it works great I have just one problem, It will not and does not see my CD/DVD drive for me to burn CD's. This is question 1

My second question is I have read that people are loading the Yahoo version them the MMJB version and it works. Is this under Windows 7 x64? or is it XP mode? If it's under Win 7 X64 can I get a detail step by step explanation on how to do it and does it burn as I have asked in question 1

Musicmatch jukebox on VISTA and windows 7

OK I have been working on this for some time now. Getting MMJ to work on VISTA or Win 7 in 32 bit mode is no problem. So long as you follow the procedure which I out lined in my earlier post. However running MMJ in VISTA 64 o4 WIN 7 64 is a nightmare. I have tried every trick in the book and a few very questionable procedures to get it working but with no success. I did come fairly close though with manually regeistering The PX.dlls. but this did not work either even as admin with UAC turned off. I am finally going to take the plunge and see if it will run In XP mode with virtualisation. You can suposedly run apps this way without having to launch XP at all if you do it correctly. Im going to try this within the hour. I'll come back and let you know how this works. I think this is probably the only way to get MMJ Working again in a 64 bit environment.

Musicmatch Jukebox works on Windows 7

Finally I can use Musicmatch Jukebox on Windows 7. Using the info posted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/18/2009 - 18:35,

- Ran Musicmatch Plus v 10.00.4040 setup file as administrator;
- Set compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 2.

However, this on its own didn't seem to work and it kept coming up with errors relating to being unable to access ....... . So I installed the program and made sure to custom set the download directory into the Musicmatch dir rather than to "my docs" and all is working well. Apologies if the post mentioned above by Anon, had already fixed the problem already; however, thought I'd share.

Musicmatch dll file!

There's missing a dll file when i want to open it ....

Musicmatch jukebox on Windows 7

Mate, I'm in the same boat; I have always used MMJ (with DFX) for the reasons you mentioned and have recently upgraded to Win7 x64. I was devastated to find that MMJ wouldn't work on Win7 - even thought about gong back to XP (for a sec) - and would be bloody well chuffed if you can work it out. Another bugger with Win7 is that DFX won't work either, I've tried it on Winamp and WMP and the dlls stuff up the sound and playback completely. Anyway if you do sort it out would appreciate it. Cheers Carl (Aus)

Musicmatch Jukebox on Vista and Windows 7!

Please send me a link to the download page for this player.

I have been using MMJ for many years until Vista, I have not yet found any player that compared to this one. I do not want to listen to radio, but I need to be able to use my external drives to burn my audio cd's etc. All other known players have all sorts of issues.

MusicMatch Install on WP Home

Hi Everyone!

I have used MM for some 10 years. I am a musician and find it indispensable.
My preferred version is 7.20.
I was recently obliged to upgrade to XP from WIN 2k Sp 4 Professional.
MM ran fine on Win 2k but there is no way I can find to install it on XP.
Spent 20 hours plus on this - to no avail.
Tried all compatibility modes.
I would so grateful to anyone that could help me to resolve this.
Surely this Possible???
Wish some of the original programmers were still around.

Best Regards,


Musicmatch jukebox on XP

Hmmm ........ There are all kinds of things that might be the source of your trouble. First I would get another installer. You might try Old Next when you get the installer look under properties and look under the general tab and click on unblock. Then go to the compatibility tab and set for Xp service pack 2 at the the bottom check off run as administrator. Now click on apply then on OK. If you have any Antivirus or security software running turn it off! Now it should install OK. It may give you some trouble the first time you run it, but thats normal. Simply close it down and reboot and then restart it again it should run normal. Hope this helps. If you have any further problems post here and I'll try and get back with you.

MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Hi MMJ-Fan,

Firstly many many thanks for such a helpful speedy reply.
It is very much appreciated.

Since your email I D/L MM 7.00 and 7.50.
I tried to do as you said:-
I) "look under properties and look under the general tab and click on unblock"

I have no "unblock" option in Properties/ General tab- only archive was ticked.

II) "Then go to the compatibility tab and set for Xp service pack 2 and at the the bottom check off run as administrator"

...again No comp mode for XP sp2 and no option re: administrator.
the only comp mode I have starts at 95 ,98, win 2k etc.

I did turn off both Firewall and A/V.
Trying setup , it starts but then disappears, but is left running in task man.
Just to sure; I'm using new install of Win XP sp3 Home.

One thing occurs to me; when I installed XP on a new drive it would not give me option to create FAT 32 partion, only NTFS.
So I have NTFS on C: and FAT 32 on D: partition. Do you think that matters?
Spent ages trying to find how to convert NTFS to FAT 32- little luck.
Any more ideas?
With thanks,

Musicmatch jukebox on XP

Ok I have a few ideas about this and I have to check a few things out. I will get back with you later. Its been sometime since I ran XP Im running win7 right now but Things were not always rosey under XP either and some of the options are different and hardware has to do with that unblock button which you dont have. Anyway check back later I'll see what I can dig up.

MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Dear MMJ-Fan,

BIG THANKS for your reply.
It's great to feel I'm not climbing this mountain on my own any more...

I live in West Wales, UK... and You?

Are you in the IT world - or S/W developer?

Kind Regards,


Musicmatch jukebox on XP

Ok with a little investigation I have found numerous issues with version 7 MMJ with XP. It might never work because there is a conflict with later versions of Internet Explorer........ I know that makes no sense what soever but its a widely reported issue. if you are determined to use 7 i would suggest using version 7.5 and installing using the procedure I outlined earlier but use compatibility mode for Win98 which is what version 7 was designed for otherwise try version 10. let me know how it goes.

MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Dear BRB,
I took your advice and I tried:

MM 7.00
MM 7.20
MM 7.50
MM 8.10
MM 9.00

All failed but then I tried MM 10.00.2058 and it works!!! [ Yo !!!]
I can't tell you how good it is, to have MM back in any form.
Thank You So Much!

It's 70% of what I wanted, and my goal is still to use MM 7.20 ... if I can...
It seems only one skin is in MM10 - do you know if I can get others?

I guess my biggest problem now is having NTFS on main C: drive and FAT 32 on E: ( D: = DVD drive).
I don't understand it, but it doesn't "feel" ok in a Windows environment.
What would you do?
It seems to me FAT 32 is my best option 'cos I've read that is better when things go wrong- is that right?

Converting NTFS to FAT 32 is it seems difficult; but FAT32 is easier and can be done by windows comm.prompt, like:

convert E:\fat32. ntfs ( or similar...I forgot it...hmm...).

Having tried so many media players, for me, nothing comes close as MM.
I need a clearly visible library with quick access - plus the other features.
I first got MM bundled with my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card 9 years ago.
I was concerned when I built my new computer with XP, that I'd have H/W problems with it - but it installed fine!
( see... Life is NOT all problems?).

Look forward to hearing from you - if can spend more time on this?
As ever... Thank You BRB,



MMJ Skins

Hi very kind of you!
Yes, I would appreciate the Skins" and see if I can get them to work with MMJ 10.
Thank You!

MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Hey Colin;

Yeah Glad 10 worked for you. I figured that it would I had my doubts about getting 7 to work because it was really a win98 program. Although XP is very forgiving especially with compatibility mode, MMJ is not very forgiving and has very flaky code. However it is now and has always been hands down the best Jukebox player on the planet. Im very picky about my music and I dont listen to MP3's But CD's are inconvenient. That leaves WAV or FLac or OGG files for very high quality. FLAC and OGG are still compressed formats albeit very high Quality ones compared to MP3's. The best is wav files. They are not compressed and most jukeboxes will play them but ........ If you like album art and full length tags and notes etc that stuff is ascociated with ID3 tags. Guess what? Theres no such thing for WAV files. So regular juke boxes only show the file name if you use Wav's. But MMJ somehow makes use of The Bin Hex tags that WAV's use and you can tag them and embed album art and add notes etc just like with MP3's.

Now about your hard drives. I highly reccomend that you convert that Fat drive to NTFS. You should have no problem recovering that drive in NTFS format. The only thing that would make it diffecult is if you password protect the drive or use encryption on it. That could make things sticky. Another thing to avoid if your secondary drive is your sole data drive is to make it Dynamic. Dynamic disc are little bit faster but I have had trouble on occasion trying to recover them.

Turtle beach made very good Audio cards in the day. At one time Creative did too. As a matter of fact MMJ use to be bundled with one of my old creative cards. I was already using MMJ by that time. right now im a fan of the Asus Xonar cards. for the money they are the best. There are better cards but you have to pay a ton more money.

For Audio editing I like Cool Edit Pro 2 Ive been using that for years.

I wish there was some sort of way to have a private conversation here some forums have it. Oh Well.

About your desire to GET MMJ 7 RUNNING somehow. Here is a way to do it. Get another hardrive instrall Win98 on it and run a dual boot system. I do it myself. I run Vista 32 on one hard drive and Win 7 64 bit from another. This has many advantages.

Oh by the way BRB stands for "Be right Back"

All right Colin see you later hope some of this helps.


MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Hi MMJ-Fan,

er...ermm... "Oh by the way BRB stands for "Be right Back"

Oh.. I'm sorry to be so thick.. (now I've made myself look a complete idiot to the whole world...No change there

There were several things in your post that I'd like to ask you about.
So, how is it with you if I write: jongenesque living at oh...2. a COmpany in the UK would like to hear from you?
Please enquire further if you need clarification; should you feel uncomfortable with that - then that's fine too.

This was nice to see:

"However it is now and has always been hands down the best Jukebox player on the planet."

I couldn't agree more!
When my MM was beginning to not function as usual, I looked around and saw sooo many posts in forums of people saying they were really annoyed at yahoo for buying, and effectively being the reason for MM's demise.
I do feel for those people that bought a Life-Time subscription and I'm amazed that no S/W House , or individual has not picked up MM and carried on promoting it. ( Shall we do it -- and become $millionaires?...yeah I thought so...I've gotta wash my socks too!).

And this:

"and I dont listen to MP3's...That leaves WAV or FLac or OGG files for very high quality."

Surely MM cannot play FLAC, OGG, m4A etc.?
But I get your point re: WAV; especially with modern high-capacity drives. (Mine is 500Gig split into 2 partitions - C: 50 + E: 450gig).

"But MMJ somehow makes use of The Bin Hex tags that WAV's use and you can tag them and embed album art and add notes etc just like with MP3's."

... amazing !!!

"You should have no problem recovering that drive in NTFS format."

I thought it wasn't possible to boot from Floppy with NTFS. I know that sounds a bit archaic, but floppy has got me out of trouble sometimes. I don't understand Floppy-less Computing - (I'll try harder...).


"right now im a fan of the Asus Xonar cards."

hmm... very interesting - will check them out! and COOL EDIT Pro II.

It was, as always really instructive and pleasant to talk.

With Many Thanks, and Kind Regards,


MusicMatch7.20 wii not Install on Win XP Home

Hey Colin;
Dont feel bad about not knowing internet short hand. Ive been told that its actually something very arcane that preceded modern day computing. It was years before I finally figured out what LOL means ....... So :-)
Not sure exaclty what you mean about: jongenesque living at oh...2. you may need to clarify that a bit Im just a bit dense myself.

Yeah I was one of those guys who bought a lifetime Key for Musicmatch. But I dont regret it really. I bought it early on around version 3 or 4 so I got many years of use and free upgrades. I do regret MMJ failing but I dont Blame yahoo for it. MMJ had been in financial diffeculty and had been bought and sold before. I think Gracenote had owned it last. Yeah I would like to pick up the rights to it but it would be very expensive I think. Also would need a top notch code guy to rewrite and recompile it for more modern OS's and fix a lot of flaky crap that had always haunted otherewise excellent program. Oh Yeah while I think of it Yes There is a place that has new skins for MMJ 10! Dont know hwrere you can get the old skins. I think there was only a handfull for 10 anyway. another unfortunate thing about MMJ was that there skins were not cross compatible. You could not use skins from Version 7 on 8 or 9 etc etc........

Not sure about MMJ being able to play OGG or Flac but I understand that There are or there were Plug-ins for that but since I use Wav and you really cant get any better then that. I too use very big drives so I dont compress anything. Drive space is no longer costly and like you I want quality.

Now about drive recovery ...... I have on occaision found Floppy drives usefull over the years but mostly for doing stuff like executuing DOS commands on infected sysytems. The preferred method for recovering your OS is from The DVD regardless of what sort of file sysytem you are using. XP also had set of Floppys for start up under unusual circumstances. I had used it a few times too. It was like 6 discs. Dont know if you can still get it or not. But if your trying to recover a data partition it truly does not matter but there is an XP start up floppy that you can make that has some weird form of DOS that is particular to XP and can be used for controlled start ups and recovery also can be used in conjunction with a CD/DVD drive but You would have to do a bit of digging around to find the procedures I have not messed with XP in a very long time.

Yeah its really neat about how MMJ can make use of Wav as if they were MP3's theres no other Jukebox that does this. I have full notes and Bios and lyrics and full screen album art tagged to all my music and its all in WAV format!

Nice talking with you Colin. catch you on the Flip Flop.


Hi MMJ-Fan! Thanks for

Hi MMJ-Fan!

Thanks for speedy reply.

You wrote:

"Dont feel bad about not knowing internet short hand"

I don't... I've done it now - and I think I'm about to do it again...(hmm...)

"catch you on the Flip Flop."

I've simply no idea what this means...
My best guess...erm...d'you mean the under-side of a 1.44Mb floppy disc?...( I didn know there was anything on the other side of floppiy disc???).
See!.. I'm doin' it again! (lol or :-)... see I can learn?

As to this, I think I can help:

"what you mean about: jongenesque living at oh...2"

When I was in Music College I went to a lunch-time concert that featured an organ piece by a Belgian composer called Jongen.
My friend wrote a piece in his style and called it jongenesque - which, many years later I thought would be a good ID to use in, say email addresses, etc.
Also you probably don't know, there is a COmpany in the UK called o2 that is a well-know isp.
(that's "o" as in "snow" - Not zero as in 02.
Pease try it - see if it works? ( Your privacy will be respected completely- as is my own - and whatever you decide will be fine with me Ok?)

I've researched Asus Xonar cards and Cool Edit Pro 2.
I can get a Asus Xonar DS PCI 7.1 Soundcard for about $60 - could you recommend one? I don't need 7.1- 2.1 is fine.
As for the S/W well... it was like MMJ history repeating itself all over again... a black dream...
Syntrillium bought out by Adobe, circa 2003, and now it's Adobe Audition and costs a whopping $300... wow?
But I found this on eBay (
for about $15. Would you care to comment?

I won't comment further now on the other NTFS related material in your post - save to say, it was very informative and I'm working on it.
Do try out that Uk isp if you would like to - just have go at o2...

As always, great to talk,
Until the flip flop...



Hey Colin;
Leave a post here and tell me what time you will be here to recieve a message. I have an idea about comunication. Did you get Cool edit Pro?

Catch you on the Flip Flop (see you when you get here)


Hi MMJ-Fan, I am here now (

Hi MMJ-Fan,

I am here now ( 21.22 GMT) and will be around for the next 5 hours.
AS I understand it, America is so vast, you need 3 time zones.
Therefore to me in UK, you can be anything from about 3 to 8 hours behind my GMT zone.
May I ask what state you live in? Please feel free to with-hold that information if you prefer.
I live in a small village by Aberystwyth on the West Coast of Wales, UK.
(S'ok ... Don't panic it's not compulsory to have to be able to pronounce it ! ).

So the "o2" isp was not an option?
As to COOL EDIT Pro - yes I bought for £6, which I guess is $9 or $10.
I struggle with audio editing S/W. I have tried several - MAGIX and GoldWave are what I use now,
but don't find either of them intuitive for me... but I accept, P'raps I need to try harder!
( no change there then....... :-).
Am working on Xonars cards at the mo.
Hope to talk soon?
Colin will BRB!

Hi MMJ-Fan, I am here now (

Hey You There?
If you are reply back as quick as you can. I have a few pieces of info for you.

Best MMJ-Fan

Am Here

Am here MMJ


Hey Colin:
copy this info quickly before I delete it. once you have recorded it reply back and I will delete the info.

I have a new E-mail :

This also works with Windows Live messenger which I use.

see you soon.

OK to Delete Now!

OK to Delete Now!


Hey Colin you there? you get my email address? I cant use O2 because I dont have a cell phone. I dont seem to be able to edit my post so I cant get rid of it but Im not worried since that email is just for the forum.

See you later.


blank message

Aw..... MMJ...
wot we doin wrong here???
o2 is also Broadband ISP. You dont neen cell fone.
Howe about just email blank message to jongenesque at o2dot codotuk?
Try it?


Try emailing me at the new address or open up messenger if you use it

Another Idea.


Go here and sign up.

Search for Vesalius

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