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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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compuder infected by trojans, viruses etc.

Dear MMJ

Tried email live - failed
tried msn searched for MMJ-FAN and MJM-Fan - no response.
msn now says my compuder infected by trojans, viruses etc.
why not try: jongenesqueato2dotcouk
any other ideas?


really? try copying and pasting this into your email client:


MSN most likely is not telling you that. A lot of web pages have warnings like that to try and get you to click on a link.

I will try the address you gave me above but where do I put the @ ?


Hi MMJ-Fan! Thanks for

Hey Colin;
I live in the states and its very late here I'll reply in full tomorrow. I did check out That ebay link. Go for it! i highly reccomend it.

Talk with you tomorrow

Musicmatch jukebox on XP

Hey Colin;
Im looking up a few things now, just got through with dinner. Anyway ....... Actually you want to convert that Fat partition to NTFS. NTFS is way better. You probably were not given the FAT 32 option because the Drive was probably too big. Anyway I suggest you go here for the conversion info on XP:

very good info on that. Some of the software for MMJ and its installer were very flaky. I had frequent trouble with the installers and even the jukebox itself on start up. I would suggest using MMJ 10 its flaky too but I have found it to be much more reliable. Forget what you have heard about online registration. What happens is when you put your life time key in the software it will try and fail to confirm but will give what is called provisional authentication. This is supposed to be temporary but I have been runnig MMJ 10 like this for a while now. Just a suggestion of something you might want to try. I'll keep poking around and see what i can dig up.

No Im not in the Biz, But I used to work for an OEM for a few years and learned quite a bit doing that. I still do some builds and security stuff on the side. I love technology, But I love music too and a bunch of other stuff.


Jukebox for Windows 7

I have been using Jukebox for many years and find it the easiest to use to play music, especially at parties, amateur DJ etc. My laptop has Jukebox 10-Windows XP, but has recently crashed. I am going to purchase a new laptop with Windows 7-do you know if I can get a similar Jukebox version for Windows 7 ?

Thanks for any help you can give-


Jukebox for Windows 7

Music Jukebox was taken over by Yahoo and then they sold it off, I have not yet found anything similar. The jukebox after no 7 had to be registered online and since the site has closed cannot be. Your best bet will be the older version no 7 with a registration no, which I can supply. Windows 7 is a lot friendlier than Vista and will probably accept older drivers again, which Vista did not (and which created a problem with most users). On this site, other users mentioned other players, which I tried but I did not find them suitable. I have also been using Mix meister which is a user friendly DJ program, it is worth a try. I started with the older version Mix meister 4 Pro ( I have a key for that) and then switched to Mixmeister Fusion + Video 7.0.5 This one took some getting used to.

Musicmatch jukebox on VISTA and windows 7 64 bit

Well Thats kind of the problem we are all having. There really is nothing else to replace it. Theres not another single application that can do what MMJ could do. Ive looked. Ive been looking for years because Even when MMJ was still around as a company I was not entirely happy with it. I have always had a search going for a replacement but forget it.......There is none until some geek sits down and rewrites and recompiles the code. I would not hold my breath waiting for that. No The best thing to do is so far as I can discover is if your running 64 bit is to use XP mode. This works quite well and is what Im doing right now. You get full functionality without having to jump through any hoops. If on the otherhand your running the 32 bit version of Win 7 then you should be able to install by turning off UAC and using compatibility mode for XP service pack 2 and then run as admin. That should get you up and running. Be sure to turn back on UAC. If you have any more questions just leave them here and I'll try and respond.

Old Versions Of Musicmatch Jukebox!

Fortunately there is a wonderfull site that has old versions of many different types of software including MMJ. You can find The download page for most of the old pre-yahoo versions here:

A few words of caution and avice about MMJ and VISTA. Make sure you have all updates to VISTA including the latest service packs. When you download The EXE file for MMJ turn off all other software running. Right click on the EXE file for its properties. Under the general tab at the bottom there will be 2 entries. 1 is for attributes and the other for security. Next to the security entry there will be warning that this file came from another computer. Next to the warning is a button for unblock. click on it. This will turn off hardware execution protection for this installer. Next go to the compatibility tab. Set compatibility to Windows XP service pack 2. Then go to the bottom of the tab and check off "Run this program as administrator".

Now your ready to run the installer. Now you may get a prompt from windows about there being known compatibility issues with this software. Ignore this and click on the option to continue installation anyway. Continue with the installation until the end. When you get to the end and it asks you about run MMJ now click NO. Restart your PC. Then go ahead and try to run MMJ. Be forwarned that the first time around it may freeze up. If this happens use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to close the program.

Wait a few minutes then try again. It should work after that. If After several attempts the program still does not run uninstall the program from the control panel and reboot and go through the procedure again and set the compatibilty mode to windows 2000. You may also get prompted about a newer version close that out and ignore it if you get it. If you have any issues or problems leave a message here and I will try to help.

Many thanks, I still have

Many thanks, I still have installation files for MMJB 7 with keygen. Wil certainly follow this procedure.

I need for a connection!

I need for a connection with a DVD recorder!

Hi, Download MMJB version 7

Hi, Download MMJB version 7 (or 6) from old version site. aftrer installation open MMJB click on help then on registration info click on enter registration key. copy and paste one of these keys and click enter / OK. the program will now be unlocked. After this you could look for WMA distribution files on google or limewire and install, this will enable MMJB to read windows media files.

Here are 3 keys. Only one key is needed to unlock older versions (up to Version 7) version 9 and 10 need to be activated on the internet and those sites are closed.


P.S Older versions does not have dvd players

MMJB on Vista

I tried running in compatibility mode. ( all modes...) but nothing works. I could install the file but faced problem in running...

i think the problem is with x64. I tried in Vista x64 and windows 7 x64 in both the OS, i couldnt play mmjb...

i hate yahoo for this... Mediamonkey is good, but no match with MMJB....

I made the mistake of investing in musicmatch for a lifetime!

I made the mistake of investing in musicmatch for a lifetime! It never worked properly after second upgrade. Gave up and surrendered to iTunes. It works and has not cost me money and it works on Vista!

YAHOO Big Mistake

I also made the mistake of buying what I thought was a lifetime usage of Musicmatch as at that time it was a good product and seemed worth investing in. Unfortunately along came Yahoo and messed things up just as they did for Bt in the UK. You would have thought the original software developers of Musicmatch would have got an assurance from Yahoo that they would honour the commitment given by Musicmatch to the purchasers of their product.

I'm sure I have read somewhere that vendors like Yahoo and the previous software developers, even if they are no longer trading, who sold their goods and services with a assurance that the purchaser would receive something they have been unable or unwilling to fulfil can be sued up to the maximum penalty, whatever that is but it could be millions, lets hope some legal beagle gets his teeth into them and soon.

The links shown on this page just take you to Yahoo, so I should give them a wide berth, they just see you as a money cow. The guy who reckons you can get a compatible version on is talking rubbish you can't, just as the link for a Vista compatible version shown above is wishful thinking.

MMJB - what a great App

I challange you to point out even one application which nears MM's skillset combined with amazing Man-Machine_interface.

This is by far the best Jukebox ever.

That said I too run Vista and suffer a great deal from the fact it doesn't always run smoothly.

Music match 10 work in Vista

Good news, I downloaded Musicmatch Jukebox from a site called It perfectly work on Windows Vista and I used my previous MMJB key that I got from Musicmatch when I purchased it. I could never done this before. Thank you Yahoo you did well to upgrade the installation file. Now I'm very happy!

Re: Music Match 10 for Vista

I just saw your post, but am having trouble locating the download for music match on the site.

Can you help me out?

MMJB 10 plus

I purchased the lifeime version of MMJB and got upgrades. I never used the services, I just liked the player and its features.

I had to buy a new hard drive and reinstall the software. It will not install at all. I thought that when a company acquired another they assumed all assets and liabilities. What about all of us who spent our good money for a lifetime of upgrades. Maybe yahoo will use my money to pay the CEO's bonus this year. Forget the upgrades, I would be happy just to get MMJB Plus 10 to work.

Am I the only customer that feels that we were screwed out our money? I never used the online services and just want the player back. What filthy rich idiot decided to take away a product that I paid for. Yahoo should be sued. - The way things have been going, they will probably get some Bail Out Money to add to our purchase money. Double screwed then.

If you have any fixes email me @:

Help with re-install!

Check out my long blurb at the bottom of these posts as well as the stuff here it might be of some use.

Heres some more help on steps for you in the fix process.

IMPORTANT - My fix process is only for Windows XP not Vista - if your desperate then feel free to experiment as you wish.

1.) Uninstall MMJB and reboot.

2.) Verify that Windows Media player works - Open it manually and drag a mp3 into it to play. If it doesn't work then goto step 3 if it does work go straight to step 5
*Note: After uninstalling MMJB, double clicking on an MP3 may not open Windows Media Player as the file associations may be wrong, which is why I say open it manually and drag an MP3 into it.

(steps 3 and 4 only if Windows Media Player do not work at all)
3.) Uninstall Windows Media player and reboot.

4.) Install ver 9 or 10 of Windows Media player (not 11) and test that it works. Download from ver 10 from

5.) Install an older version of MMJB and upgrade over the top perferably start with ver 8.0 or earlier

Older versions of MMJB are available from

If that did not fix the problem then you have real issues.

Have fun and happy MMJB'ing


I have the same prob, i purchased a lifetime upgrade key and it says its invalid if i try use it that is nonsense, what was the point of being able to buy it for "LIFETIME" if you cant use it!?

It was the only player ive liked now i cant use it, cause it wont let me install it on my new computer with the upgrade!

MMJB Lifetime upgrades

I too did the same thing, as it was a great product and worked wonderfully, I never had problems with upgrades with any of my computers. When Yahoo bought MMJB - MMJB put out an email and it referenced Yahoo's purchase and that all lifetime upgrades will still have their lifetime 'membership' to upgrade MMJB. For a short period of time, Yahoo also had a page on their site, that claimed all MMJB customers who had purchased a lifetime of upgrades for the software will also receive the same deal once Yahoo decides what to do with it.

If your original Keygen isn't working you should contact Yahoo and let them know. After all they made a promise, they should keep it. Once a company buys another lock, stock & barrel, they take all the headaches that go with it as well.... and if it doesn't work for the consumer/customer... well then they have a headache!

You will have to supply some original documentation of ownership, the original email you used when purchasing, card number last four digits... something like that - as Yahoo should have received this information at closing. If you do not have this information anymore, it will be hard for them to give you what you want.

uninstall MMJB

I think this program downloaded to my computer when I ran the software for a wireless mouse. I have Windows Media player. Now I can't use all and MMJB isn't running either. I've tried to remove in it in the control panel but some uninstall pop up thing comes up C:\program files/musicmatch\jukebox/unis.isu' is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallation will not continue.
Help.......lost in Iowa

Musicmatch Drivers

I know I will probally get more laughs than anything else, but does anyone have the drivers for MMJB so I can still use my Dell DJ that still works after almost 4 years! Some one please me out so I don't have to spend $400 for an IPOD that won't last! Or know what program I can use to edit my DJ!!

Hey DELL!! I still use your product hook me me up so I can edit my track listings!!

Analog To Digital

I been using MMJB for years and love it, not Yahoo is being a YAHOO and changed it so Vista uses are having a hard time getting it to work. While I'm venting, does anyone know a good software that converts analog music to digital? I was using Microsoft Plus Buuuuut they, like YAHOO won't make it for vista. These big companies sure know how to screw up a good product.

Adobe Audition!

Adobe Audition ( will record and convert to MP3 and will also remove pops and clicks from records.


MusicMatch was the premier software for mp3's at one time. Yahoo came in and ruined it like the brilliant tools they are. I was a loyal MMJBer from the first moment I bought MMJB build 7.0. However, I found a program that I highly recommend for the MMLB faithful if you don't get MMJB to work with Vista. MediaMonkey has an easy library interface like MMJB, only it's closer in design to JetAudio (but so much easier to use). It's a breeze for someone use to MMJB to start up with the program right away. If you get the Gold Version you actually get many more features than were ever available with MMJB. If you go to the MediaMonkey Forums, you will find a lot of MMJB refugees have switched to MediaMonkey.


I have also just bought a new laptop, which has Vista, so am worried that my pc will crash if I try to install my old version of MMJB. I still have the original installation disc, but I have no idea what version it is. I purchased it with my Neo Car Jukebox, so I now won't be able to update my car jukebox/mp3 player unless I can get a recent version of Musicmatch running on my pc. I tried installing an old version of Roxio, that I also used to use on my old laptop and the whole thing crashed, so I don't really want to go through all that again. Has anyone got a version they could email me, that is guaranteed not to crash my laptop please?
Would be most grateful. Thank you very much.
Dawn. :o)


Does any one have an extra original MMJB installation CD? lets talk $$

Disable window to upgrade MusicMatch

I have been using MusicMatch of many years and still use it as my only music manager and player. A while ago I stumbled on a user instruction on how to disable the pop-up window that continually prompts you to upgrade whenever you start musicmatch. It should be stated that I will NEVER use the Yahoo version after working with it for a week. The fix involved renaming some file that exists in the musicmatch folder so the program could not find the file. I have lost the instructions and upgraded my computer so I am back to the prompt. Can anyone help with the way to do this.
Thank you very much

you can get rid of Yahoo?s

you can get rid of Yahoo?s ?Upgrade? nag screen by renaming ?C:\Program Files\MUSICMATCH Jukebox\offers.mmc? to ?Offersmmc.OFF?

Take a look at

Take a look at

MusicMatch and Vista/Windows7

I am a long time user of MusicMatch and was horrified when warned that MusicMatch would not work on Vista.. I installed the software anyway and apart from the online stuff that yahoo has closed down the basic program works fine. (all except for the volume control which cannot now be controlled from within the program). You may need to run it in Administrator mode and/or in XP compatibility mode.

Last Week I installed Windows 7 beta on my machine and once again was informed that MusicMatch was a no no. In order for me to get MusicMatch working in 7 as well as running in Administrator mode I also needed to disable 7's UAC.

Previous versions of MusicMatch Jukebox!

Here you can download all the previous versions of MusicMatch Jukebox:


Would,Ike to download musicmatch 9 since my PC was hacked into and I lost all my files, could you help me retrieve these files

Would like to download musicmatch 9 can I use my old musicnumber

Want to download musicmatch 9 the right way since mine was deleted when my PC was hacked into and destroyed my files

Music Match Jukebox

I bought it and cannot download it onto my new laptop. My old computer had to be junked, and I miss my music match! I have been using real player (which I also purchased), but it is sooo inferior to music match! Please Yahoo, release the music match jukebox - I bought it in good faith, and there is nothing that can hold a candle to it. PLEASE. Thank you for the oppurtunity to let my view be known. :)

Musicmatch 10

I ran musicmatch for several years and have never found it's peer. I bought a lifetime subscription ($59.95) just before they sold out all their loyal customers. When it went to yahoo I removed it from my computer but, not before they screwed up all my music files. Thank heaven for backup.

Musicmatch giving provisional upgrade now.

I have had musicmatch 10 for years and still use it. My problem is that I installed the program on my new laptop that still runs XP. When I put in my code which has worked fine in the past to unlock it, the program goes on the internet and can not find the old website at all so it now gives me "Provisional" authorization. This is crap because the library is limited to a thousand songs unless fully unlocked. What a crock.
I am trying another program J River Media Jukebox 12 and it is working ok but requires a lot of time to reset default actions so It will work like musicmatch did.

Annoying beep every time I click on any of the tracks!

How do I get rid of the annoying beep when i am looking through my library? Every time I click on any of the tracks I get a beep, please help me get rid of this damn thing.


Is there a way of tagging or re-tagging my tracks in musicmatch v.8.0 tried the upgrades but I never liked them and yahoo are absolute rubbish!!. can't someone develope a simple jukebox to play and organise vast music collections. if anyone knows about one could you please reply to me. waiting in anticipation

Bring back the original MMJB!!

Well it looks like yahoo has totally wrecked what was once a brilliant, yet simple to use mp3/music player app. Musicmatch Jukebox used to do everything that i wanted with ease, but since yahoo has bought the rights to musicmatch i am at a loss with the damn program. It wouldn't be so bad if i could use the old version of musicmatch on vista, but alas its not compatible which is a huge shame. I've tried persisting with yahoo music jukebox, but frankly its crap!! I've now started to use Atomix Virtual DJ, which is a great alternative player, just looking for something now to batch tag mp3's with cover art!


I have mmjb 10 working perfectly on my vista powered laptop. It just needs to be installed as administrator and i have had no probs. just one annoying little beep that i get when i click on a track to play it, its not too loud but all the same annoying as i know its there. As soon as i get rid of that it will be as good as it was in xp. Give it another try with version 10, which is still downloadable. and good luck.


I fully agree. Is there perhaps one smart software expert (IN THE WORLD) that can develop a Patch for the old MMJB to work on Windows Vista. ALL OLD REGISTERED MMJB USERS DO NOT WANT THE CRAP FROM YAHOO.



Bring Back MMJB original

I'm STILL searching for an mp3 player that does everything like MMJB used to do before yahoo got their mitts on it. I've had to go back to WinAmp (which is nowhere near as perfect for doing everything that MMJB did)
Anyone able to help there??
Signed one very very frustrated original MMJB user.

Musicmatch Jukebox to Vista

I'm so sad, because I was simple loved music match jukebox and I'm need it, but now, I don't use it because I have Windows Vista, its horrible.

I have Vista on my Laptop

I have Vista on my laptop and use Pre-Yahoo Musicmatch daily with no problems. when i installed it, it warned me that it wasn't compatible, but i installed anyway and it works fine for me. hit up my email if you want me to send you the old install file.

Old MMJB file

I would like to try the old version on my Vista system. If you could forward the install file I would be very much appreciative. Thanks.


MMJB 8.0

I am running 8.0 on my older computers. This is a new Dell with Windows Vista. I would like to instal my Jukebox 8 on this computer. Can you please send what ever I need to make the installation? Thank you very much. Regards Ken Porterfield

I would LOVE to be able to

I would LOVE to be able to run MusicMatch on my Vista, can you help me out here please.


Pre-Yahoo MusicMatch old install file.

Could you please e-mail me the old MM install file if you still have a copy of it? I am also on a Vista laptop and am having trouble getting MM to work on this operating system. Thank you so much for your assistance in this problem.

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