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Software Description

MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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Please send your setup file

Please send your setup file for the old MMJB. Thanks a million.


Vista on your laptop

Your post said that you are using Pre-Yahoo Musicmatch on Vista, with no problems. I would like to use your old install file. When I switched to a new computer with Vista, and it told me that it wasn't compatible, I didn't bother saving the file. Now it's gone forever and I cannot find anything that works even remotely close to MusicMatch. Please send your install file to Much appreciated.

MusicMatch on Vista

Could you pass the install file on to me please Trish. Thank you :)

windows vista mmjb

please could you e mail the old mmjb file having real bad trouble trying to get my shoqbox portable device to recognise any tracks in wma format as it keeps telling me its not compatiable. any help or advice would br appreciated thanks


This is what I used with my Vista Ult SP1 windows.

German version of MusicMatch Jukebox 10

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am a registered user and I want dei German version of Jukebox 10 here. How does it work?

Yours sincerely,

laszlo Koncz

Contact Yahoo

You'll have to contact Yahoo! ( mate as they now own MusicMatch Jukebox.

Why not for Vista?

I bought Music Match Jukebox 10 it before it was swallowed by Yahoo. As with all these take overs I now cannot use the program on my new computer witch has Vista OS. Why do large companies always buy out good application from smaller ones and are not prepared to develop the software. If I knew Yahoo would buy out the program I would never spent a penny on buying it. I tried to download the latest from Yahoo site but it took ages and I dropped the process.



What is Musicmatch Jukebox 10?

I just need to know what Musicmatch Jukebox 10 is? I just need some information. Do you get music? Do you transfer it to your media? What's it about?

E-mail me back, when you get this message.

Michael Erb

Musicmatch is no-more

Yahoo has bought Musicmatch Jukebox and re-shaped into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, so visit for any information you want. !!

Log in/password information request

I was signed onto Musicmatch a while ago and can't sign on because I don't remember my log on information. Can you please forward my information because I don't want to loose my library of songs I have listed.

Thanks, Anthony

Re: Log in/password information request

Anthony you're going to have to contact the developers directly for that sort of information.

Ha Ha

That i'm totally aware of the re-shape into Yahoo is a mess! It is a total nuisance to download.

Help for everyone!

Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox is easy to download.

I have been a MMJB user since Version 2 in 1996 / 1997, always been happy with it, I also went with the flow and installed the Yahoo version when it came out and have had no dramas. Of course I am still using Win XP not Blister (oops Vista). And the Yahoo version does have that goddam ugly "Important Notice" sitting in the middle of it now that they have stopped the online service.

I have found that if you want to use MMJB 10 try installing an earlier version prior to ver 9 say 8.1 or 8.2 and upgrade over the top (lucky I kept all my MMJB license keys and old versions over the years).
Pros and Cons of MMJB and YMMJB

MMJB - nicer player - latest versions are slow to start up though and it uses lots of resources, it used to be quicker to load with the early versions but they were often prone to the odd buggy issue like just shutting down whenever it wanted (ver 8.0 and earlier).
Ver 8.0 (11 MB) - not so stable but nice when running
Ver 8.1 (17 MB) - provided stability and lots of bug fixes over previous version
Ver 8.2 (17MB) my favourite this was what I called the first real stable version that never failed
Ver 9 (27 MB) last fully functional version before some features dropped.
Ver 10 had some features dropped but there are 2 versions of Version 10 there are:
10.00.2058 and 10.00.4033

If you want to download them then try here, they don't have all the patched versions in between but they do have all the major release versions.

Remember when you upgraded to Ver 9 or 10 and the update to Yahoo! MusicMatch Jukebox screen appears well that can be disabled too. I don't think this happens with a new install but existing installs that still get the message can benifit from the guff below....
To undo this modification, remove all files and directories containing the word "upsell" from the "Musicmatch Update" directory. After this change, the nag screen should no longer be shown. If this doesn't fix the issue, rename the file "offers.mmc" in the Jukebox main folder (i.e. to "offers_mmc.OFF".)

YMMJB - Nice player not quite as functional as MMJB but loads quick and is stable on XP
Super tagging not available as it was in MMJB
it can be found here if you want it:
this downloads a 366 kb downloader which then calls and downloads the real app. When the download of the real app is complete you can find it in C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Installs (only 12MB) while it is installing when the install is complete it deletes it.
I just copied it out to my software folder so I don't have to get it next time

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