Mutant Koto 0.9.9
by Mutagene
(Mutagene Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME/98
File Size: 153 KB
License: Freeware (All Free software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

VST host. At least 64 MBytes of memory are required, and the processor should be 800MHz or faster for useable operation.

Last Updated: 2004-11-25
For more detail about software : Software Description



Software Description

A plucked string synthesizer which uses two delay lines to model each of the string's two polarizations (horizontal and vertical). Cross coupling of the strings is implemented, and string velocities can also be saturated to give wind instrument-like timbres. A frequency-warped lattice filter can be added to the output stage or inserted into the coupling path between the first and second string polarizations. Only available as a Windows VSTi.

New in this version: Fixed fractional delay (timbre was previously dark for high registers, sometimes unstable for high "cutoff").

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very good

very good

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