My MP3 Organizer 2.0 build 10
by Vasstrand Data
(Vasstrand Data Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95
File Size: 2.37 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

Free version can organize only 500 files. Registration Fee - $29.90

System Requirements:

Pentium 100, 16 MB RAM

Last Updated: 2005-05-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

My MP3 Organizer is a MP3 archive software, focusing on user-friendliness and with the ability to handle a huge collection of files.

While many similar programs tries to incorporate a lot of functions (more or less relevant) such as internal players, cd-burning etc., My MP3 Organizer focuses on its primary task, keeping track of MP3 files, leaving other business to other programs.

Some of the features in My MP3 Organizer:

  • Supported formats:
    • MP3
    • OGG (Ogg Vorbis)
  • Scans harddisks/ cd's for MP3 files and adds them to the archive.
    Files are archived together with the media serialnumber. Therefore,
    changing logical drive letters are not a problem. E.g.
    switching the cd from the cd player to the CD-Recorder, or installing
    new hard disks (leading to new drive letters for existing drives)
    is not a problem, My MP3 Organizer will still reqognize the files.

  • Shows which files are accessible by using color codes.
  • Player independent. Use your favourite MP3 player (for
    instance Winamp or Media Player)

  • Tree style browsing
  • Search the collection using the 'quick search'
    or the 'advanced search' - capable of multiple arguments.

  • An optional 'Preview' player is now available.
    When turned on, it plays the currently selected file.

  • Flexible Drag and drop
    • Drag and drop files FROM Windows Explorer TO My MP3 Organizer
    • Drag and drop files TO Media Player/ Winamp (or wherever
      you want) from My MP3 Organizer.
  • MP3 and OGG tag editing.
  • 'Modify tags' lets you easily modify tags on several
    files in one operation

  • The File Organizer lets you move files to more 'logical
    folders'. Folder names may consist of Artist, Album, title,
    Year or Comment.

  • 'Rename files' lets you rename files by taking
    information from the mp3 tag and/ or using custom text.

  • Deleting files is now possible. Very useful when you
    want to get rid of duplicate files on your system.

  • 'Collections' lets you define groups of files. A collection is suitable when preparing for cd-burning, but it also works great as a playlist.
  • Detailed MP3 file info also showing
    which MP3 encoder was used.

  • Create and edit playlists (m3u format).
  • A Summary screen shows statistcs about your MP3 files.

In this version:

  • A few fixes and some minor improvements.
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