NoiseBud MidiVU
by NoiseBud
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Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
File Size: 3.2 MB
License: (All Free software)
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System Requirements:

VST host application

Last Updated: 2011-08-29
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Software Description

NoiseBud MidiVU is a free VST plug-in for Windows. It converts audio signal into MIDI CCs so that users can monitor audio visually via MIDI controllers that have real time Led feedback.

MidiVU allows users to monitor their audio signal while they are playing live, getting a visual idea of what's going on with their music.


  • Update Hz - Higher setting gives more accurate monitoring in exchange for cpu efficiency. Default is 6.
  • Decay, Attack - This gives users the ability to tweak the Attack and Decay of the MIDI meter. Default will work in most cases. Defaults are Attack is 0 and Decay is 6.
  • Sens Boost - Higher setting increases the meter sensitivity that can even make silent audio visible. Default is 0

    Here is a video sample of Noise MidiVU in action:

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