Noisebud CatchDad 2.0:
by NoiseBud
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VST host application

Last Updated: 2011-08-29
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Software Description

CatchDad is a VST plugin that allows users to catch 4 different sounds and instantly create rhythms using the sounds with it's built-in step sequensers.

CatchDad's functionality is straightforward, record multiple audio (live or recorded) or get some audio samples, insert them into the plugin and it will create loops and grooves. NoiseBud CatchDad is capable of creating advanced rhythmic grooves with the various sequencer speed settings.

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News in 2.0:

  • CatchDad can be set to automatically record automatically either in the beginning of every bar, or middle or end.
  • Adjustable pitch with 12 tone equal temperament and free
  • 128 User presets accessible through MIDI program change.
  • The interface is smaller to fit on lo-res laptop screens.

To further understand how the Noisebud Catchdad works, here is a video:

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