Nota Musica 2.6
by Ludger Martin
(Ludger Martin Website)

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Operating System: OS/2
File Size: 1.5MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

You are allowed to evaluate the program over a period of 30 days. If you continue to use it after these 30 days, you have to pay a registration fee. Full Version US$67 or US$44 for educational copies

System Requirements:

BM compatible PC that runs OS/2 2.1 (or a later version of OS/2) and install OS/2's Multi Media Presentation Manager in order to run Nota Musica. Nota Musica needs 10MB of hard drive space.

Last Updated: 1999-09-28
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Software Description

Nota Musica (UK) is a program to input, play, print and manage music scores. It enables you to input several staffs and pieces per music score and transpose scores, import/export MIDI tunes, output scores via Multi Media Presentation Manager's sound interface. It generates MusiXTeX source and integrates MusiXTeX programs to print height quality scores in the PM environment.

Nota Musica is a native OS/2 program. This means you can exploit all the advantages of OS/2.

All Nota Musica Features at a Glance

  • 255 movements with 255 voice each per file
  • up to 4 billion notes per voice
  • enter notes using the mouse or the keyboard
  • or on a MIDI-keyboard using
    Nota Musica Sequencer
  • support for all seven generally used clefs
  • support for all kinds of notes, from whole notes to 64th, single
    and double dotted and triplets
  • support for entering chords
  • clef-, key- and measure changes are possible at any place in a voice
  • manual and automatic placement of bars
  • clipboard support
  • more than 30 different ornaments
  • automatic placement of lyrics and chord names, linked to notes and/or beats

  • playback using any OS/2 compatible soundcard using 128 GM instruments
  • transposing instruments considered during playback
  • import and export of standard MIDI files
  • automatic transposing of notes with or without changing keys by
    intervals or octavs
  • split voices at a specifiable tone
  • automatic placement of rests

  • automatic typesetting of notes with placement of bars and slurs
  • instrument names can be printed
  • display size adjustable (zoom)
  • automatic numbering of bars
  • 30 staffs per system possible
  • variable font size: 16pt, 20pt, and 24pt
  • preview function
  • all OS/2 printers are supported
  • printout is done using MusiXTeX\LaTeX (included with Nota Musica)

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Nota Musica

I tried to download this but it said file not found on this server.


I am a music teacher looking for a cheap notation program

music notation

I will be much obliged if you send me your music notation program. My wife need this software to create a training textbook for her pupils.
Sincerely yours,

Nikolai Chikaev, Ph.D.


Thank you

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