OpenNap 0.44
by OpenNap
(OpenNap Website)

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Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/98/95
File Size: 555K
License: Freeware (All Free software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:
Last Updated: 2001-09-30
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Software Description

Napster is a protocol for sharing files between users. With Napster, the files stay on the client machine, never passing through the server. The server provides the ability to search for particular files and initiate a direct transfer between the clients. In addition, chat forums similar to IRC are available. OpenNap extends the Napster protocol to allow sharing of any media type, and the ability to link servers together.

opennap is a server for connecting the clients together, and is not a client itself.

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Re: Napster Sux

: Im goin to winamp

I am too. Sounds like a plan.


Re: how to get started

: I need help getting started. Where do I save music, how do I store music. I am new at PC use and just can't figue it all out. can I get a step by step map. Thanks jack


All of you bastards suck cock

Re: Napster Sux

: Im goin to winamp

You are an idiot!!!

Enough said

Re: Download

: Please help. I've tried to download napster and it does into my temporary file, but then get shows a black box asking where to execute? What do I type in there? Maybe I'm not doing it right. Thanks.

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