Pitch Coach Mac OS 8/9
by William Cooper
(William Cooper Website)

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File Size: 609 KB
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System Requirements:

Loudspeakers or earphones, Sound card, MIDI interface optional.

Last Updated: 2003-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Nothing is more fundamental to musicianship than a keen sense of pitch. Pitch Coach is educational freeware designed expressly to develop and enhance the natural sense of pitch. It provides pleasant, efficient self-training in:

  • Relative Pitch. Concentrated practice in identifying any pitch, given another pitch as reference point.
  • Absolute Pitch. Unique facilities for gradually acquiring a sense of absolute pitch ('perfect pitch') while doing other things.
  • Harmony. Training in the identification and analysis of combinations of pitches. (Covers intervals, triads, and seventh chords, closed and open, all inversions.)

Try Pitch Coach out and feel your sense of musical pitch grow more acute with each hour of practice.

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Pitch Coach

The link to download seem to be broken.

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