Pitchwheel v4.1
by QuikQuak
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File Size: 12.6 M
Price: GBP 50
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2011-09-19
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Software Description

Pitchwheel is a real-time pitch modifier plug-in - it changes the pitch of a sound without changing the tempo. It has a big and easy to use, dial with simple parameters making it a fast and creative effect unit. It has a range of two semi-tones to two octaves, which gives you control from subtle tuning changes to wild swings of pitch. The user pointer acts as a desired pitch change, and the actual pitch is produced by smoothing and inertia controls. Pitchwheel moves towards the desired pitch at sample accuracy, enabling nice transitions without stepping. You can set it up like a DJ turntable for further enjoyment.

Use it as static and welcome the countless odd alien sounds, and character changes that you can create. Doppler effects can be simulated easily, or just use it to alter background atmospheres in real-time to get them just right.

The stereo image is kept intact on all pitches, without movement across the channels. The buffer size parameter gives you control of the internal processing; some sounds work better on larger sizes, others, like percussion benefit from smaller buffers. All latencies are kept the same on all sizes.

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  • Changes the pitch but not the length of a sound.
  • Large and easy to to use, ideal for experiments and live performances.
  • Full range adjustments from one semitone to an octave up or down.
  • Unique inertia parameters for springy vibrato effects.
  • Sample accurate changes prevent stepped pitch changes.
  • Phase locked for stereo sounds.
  • Buffer size changes, allows quality adjustments for vocal or percussion.
  • Great visual feed-back with semitone snap, and actual pitch indicator.
  • Extremely low CPU.

New in v4.1

  • When using MIDI, you cane disabled the pitch wheel avoid problems with host MIDI reset.
  • Note offset correction on MIDI
  • 64 Bit Macintosh is now supported

New in v4.0

  • Additional wheel for independent timbre adjustments.
  • Completely change the tone of vocals and instruments.
  • New internal engine, with accurate percussive timing, without double hit.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • 64-bit version now available for PC.
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