Prima Delay v1.0
by NUSofting
(NUSofting Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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License Conditions:

Saving the state (presets) is disabled, the audio output mutes after about 20 minutes of usage, then you need to unload and reload it to enable audio output again and each 35 seconds a gentle bell plays thru the audio to remind you the demo mode. Registration: US$45.00

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2009-03-18
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Prima Delay is capable of producing a myriad of echo types and a compelling array of reverbs. And as if that isn't enough, it's also able to produce stereo chorusing and a cluster of unique phasing effects that will provide complete transformations of your sounds.


  • Number of Delay Taps adjustable from 1 to 128.
  • Tap Delay Time, each from 1 to 2000 ms (dependant on Sample Rate).
  • Amplitude Envelope for taps with adjustable curvature.
  • Tap Times deployment for accelerated or decelerated delay effects ("bouncing ball").
  • Positive or Negative Feedback.
  • LFO modulation of delay lengths (Rate and Depth controls).
  • 3 Delay Line Quality types.
  • 12dB Highpass and Lowpass filters on input signal before delay.
  • Mono, Stereo and inverse Stereo output of the Taps, alternated on left and right channels.
  • MIDI learn for each parameter, preset selection by Program Change.
  • Graphic Display of the series of taps, with zoom focus.
  • Works at any Sample Rate.
  • Skinnable interface, 3 skins already included.
  • Use Alt key and click non the display to open the PDF Manual from the GUI.
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