Puncho Grooove
by Fsynthz
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2011-07-18
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Software Description

This VSTi converts anything you play into a groove, being permanently updated while you play.

The effect is provided using continuos punch-in MIDI recording and looping, together with "timbre rambling". So you may come up with grooves of enormous complexity and crazyness no other sequencing synth can produce (hundreds of notes per loop, if needed). You are encouraged to use pitchbendings and ModWheel in your playing since they work great to contribute the mood into your groove.

If you need not that much of complexity - you may turn on the quantization, thus bringing your groove into more regular trance/dance domain.

Another special mode is "transposition": play your keyboard to transpose the current groove loop; or, you may play chords with one finger; or, least but not last, you may add patterned (and synced) pitchbendings+vibratos to the melody you play.

You may also use Puncho G. as a midi processor to drive another synth: the groovy MIDI output is provided.

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