quadraSID v1.6.0
by reFX
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Registration: US$69.99

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VSTi/AU host application.

Last Updated: 2007-03-13
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Software Description

QuadraSID offers far more than a simple emulation of the SID chip. Enriched with many new functions e.g. an arpeggiator, four LFOs, wavetables and a eight fold oversampling, this software instrument offers unlimited sonic possibilities, and surprises even the most experienced SID professional by its flexibility.


  • Four SID-chips emulated
  • Filter, volume and pan per oscillator
  • Arpeggiator per oscillator
  • One wavetable per oscillator
  • Four LFOs per oscillator
  • Four envelopes per oscillator
  • Eight combiners per oscillator
  • 128 ready-to-use presets included

New in v1.6.0

  • Universal Binary for Mac OS X.
  • Some internal functions where optimized and fixed.
  • The easter(n)-egg now has sound effects.

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License Question

I can't seem to find anything about licensing or limitations of use with the demo version. What would the benefit of paying for this be if the demo is fully functional? Does the demo version expire?--if it does I can't seem to find any mention of it.

Re: License Question

Ive searched the developers website myself and cant seem to find any licence information either. The best thing to do next would to be contact customer support: http://support.refx.com/

Thanks very much!

Thanks very much, will do!

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