Real-time Granular Synthesis v2.1
by Marcel Wierckx
(Marcel Wierckx Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 5.02 MB
License Conditions:

The program is fully functional, except that the Record to File feature will stop recording after 1 minute when using an unregistered copy.

System Requirements:

MacOS 10.2

Last Updated:
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

RTGS is a Macintosh application program which performs granular synthesis in real-time. I created this program as an alternative to other granular synthesis programs and audio plug-ins which force the user to set their parameters and then wait to hear the results. However the drawback of doing things in real-time is that, because granular synthesis is extremely taxing on the processor, a relatively fast computer is required. The speed of the processor also determines the amount of voices that can be active at once, so this program may not produce such dense textures as other programs which do not operate in real-time. But clearly the benefits of getting immediate feedback on parameter input, and the ability to process live audio input, are huge.

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