ReCycle! 2.2.2
by Propellerhead Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 18.7 MB
License Conditions:

The ReCycle Demo has all the functionality found in the full version, but is limited to using only the four loops supplied with the demo. Registration: US$249.00

System Requirements:

300 MHz or faster Pentium compatible processor, 128 MB of RAM or more, 800x600 display (or better), 16-bit Windows compatible audio card, preferably with an ASIO or DirectX driver.

Last Updated: 2012-10-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ReCycle is a tool that breaks down your music into useful musical building blocks, giving you, the loopist, the freedom to do pretty much what you want with the loop to match your song ideas.

ReCycle as the name implies turns your unused "trash" grooves into a goldmine of loops by giving you the ability to edit and match it to your song. It is a creative tool that gets you to squeeze the juice from your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds – like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. A tool for quickly editing sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups.

New in Recycle 2.2.2

  • ReCycle will now select the closest supported sample rate, instead of defaulting to 44 kHz when bugged.

New in Recycle 2.2

  • Compatibility with 64bit OS
  • Redesigned the main graphics
  • Use the Q,W,E and R keys as shortcut for tools
  • Record/Reason-style tempo information is included in the file when exporting
  • The Waveform dims silent sections
  • Updated the authorization system and copy protection
  • Sound Designer II, Mixman and SampleCell formats are no longer supported
  • The status bar has been removed.
  • Streamlined Preference dialog
  • New online help
  • The max length of audio files to use in ReCycle is no longer limited to five minutes
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