ReNovator for ReBirth 2 v2.02
by Florian Bömers
(Florian Bömers Website)

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Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/ME/98/95
File Size: 759 KB
License: (All Shareware software)
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Last Updated: 2005-03-18
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Software Description

  • ReNovator wraps the use of ModPacker: When you want to create your mod (rbm file), ReNovator creates a temporary directory, copies all files there and runs ModPacker. Once ModPacker has finished packing the rbm, ReNovator removes the directory.
  • You can keep on using bmps and wave files – ReNovator does all the conversion necessary for ModPacker.
  • Using ModPacker-names ("12500.jpg", etc) or ReNovator-names ("303 Panel.jpg") is treated transparently - use what you like – or any other filename. I think it is more convenient to use filenames which are descriptive. And when you have e.g. a library with drum samples you won't have to rename these and copy them – just drop the file on the corresponding drum in ReNovator. It will do everything necessary to create the rbm.
  • In the image viewer, images may be resized so that they fit into its window – or do you prefer that image viewer's size adapts to the image to be displayed ? – it's both possible !
  • How often did you want to create a directory or browse to a new drive with the old ReNovator ? Finally the file browser (right list) is a full clone of the explorer. Copy/Paste and drag'n'drop with the explorer is possible, too.
  • I added many new options, for example you can now define a standard image and wave editing program that will be launched by a double click on an image or drum.
  • A simple wizard helps all those of you who aren't familiar with the basics of mod creation with ReNovator.

In this version: There is now an autosave feature that will prevent to loose your assignments when the computer or ReNovator crashes.

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help files

REBIRTH help files give the best possible advice to any questions
USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where i can find ModPacker? Please

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