ReVision 1.1
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Demo is save disabled and will quit after 10 minutes. Registration is only $29.95 (U.S.) per single-user license.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2. Propellerhead Reason or Ableton Live (2.1 or higher)

Last Updated: 2003-08-30
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Software Description

ReWire-enabled QuickTime Player.

ReVision opens up the world of convenient soundtrack composition for Reason and Live users by allowing a QuickTime movie to be played in sync with either of these popular music production systems. Before ReVision, users of Reason or Live who wanted to produce soundtracks had to purchase expensive and complicated digital audio workstations or buy and learn an entirely different system. ReVision sharply drops the entry level cost and difficulty by leveraging the built-in music production capabilities of Reason and Live. Users have found ReVision to be great for laptop composition out of the studio and sketching musical ideas to video.

ReVision provides full transport control compatibility including play, stop, fast forward, rewind and frame advance for accurate positioning of music. Users can also loop video in sync with the music for iterative composition.

Scoring markers can be used for establishing interesting points within the video and allow quick access to those points at any time. An SMPTE timecode display is also provided.

The ReVision project window can "float" over Reason or Live allowing the video to be always visible even while the user is working in those programs.

The following new features have been added in the new release:

  • Tempo and time signature changes at the marker locations allowing the musical performance to change styles to match the video presentation.
  • AIFF stereo audio export has also been added with up to 24 bit/96 kHz resolution. New level meters and clip indicator help you keep the audio levels in check.
  • Demo movie export feature that adds your new soundtrack to the video for quick turnaround.
  • For users working with burned-in timecode, the SMPTE display can now be matched correctly.
  • Greatly enhanced scrubbing capabilities with either a mouse (using either a scrollwheel or dragging across the movie display) or keyboard (through the arrow keys). The space bar can now be used to start and stop playback.
  • Support for multiple ReWire devices simultaneously.
  • No longer requires a QuickTime movie in order to access most of the features, opening up tempo and time signature changes and SMPTE display for any composition project.
  • Window dimensions are saved with the project allowing users to work efficiently with multiple videos having different aspect ratios.
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