Reflect v2.5
by VirSyn
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The demo version of REFLECT requires a Syncrosoft key/dongle. 10 Day Trial. Registration: EUR 99.00

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VST/AU/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2013-02-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The demo version of REFLECT requires a Syncrosoft key/dongle. You can also use the Syncrosoft dongle which comes with some of the products from Steinberg, Arturia, Korg and others. If you donĀ“t own one you can also buy it here.

Reflect is an algorithmic reverberation plugin that combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution based reverbs. The creation of high quality reverb needs a realistic simulation of the important early reflections together with a smooth and colorless reverberation tail.

The early reflections are the most important clue for the human ear to get a feeling about the dimension and character of a room. Most algorithmic reverbs offer a number of different algorithms to simulate different natural rooms like chamber, halls or artificial ones like plates.

Reflect uses impulse responses from real acoustic spaces and classical reverb algorithms to emulate their acoustical properties. VirSyn claims that the resulting reverberation sets new standards in clarity and sense of space.'


  • Algorithmic Reverb.
  • Import of early reflections from impulse response files.
  • 50+ Factory reverb programs.
  • 4-band equalizer.
  • Smooth reverb tail generation.
  • Easy user interface "one page only".

New 020613

  • 64-bit version for Mac

New in v2.5

  • True stereo reverb tail.
  • Reverb tail modulation range increased for warm sounding tail.
  • VST3: AI Knob Interface integrated.

New in v2.0

  • RealIR combines convolution of early reflections with algorithmic tail generation.
  • New presets.
  • New User interface.
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