Renaissance Equalizer
by Waves Audio
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System Requirements:

Any Macintosh with a 68040 processor or higher, including PowerMac, AV and PPC computers (fast PowerPC recommended). MacOS version 7.5 or greater. 24MB RAM minimum for basic processing. 32MB RAM minimum for multi-track application. Cubase supported by a

Last Updated: 1998-11-04
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Software Description

The vintage-style EQ that your audio deserves is now available! Find out now why REQ is the superior EQ for warm and clear paragraphic equalization of all your audio tracks. Attention TDM and AudioMedia III users! You can use Renaissance Equalizer with your TDM system or AudioMedia III card to get a fast operating, sweet sounding EQ with real-time operation. Use it on all types of sound tracks to enhance music – your tracks will sound cleaner, sweeter and warmer after just a few clicks during mastering, mixing or tracking.

Check out the Michael Gerzon and Baxandall filter-curves that emulate the warm sounds of analog vintage-style EQ filters (like Pultec). The frequency-response curve of each filter can add pleasant resonant frequencies producing extra hot tracks. If you have a slightly dull or flat track, during final mastering you can tweak the edges and really breath some life into it. Waves innovative standard functions allow simultaneous multi-parameter adjustment, so if you design a filter-curve that you like, you can select all bands and adjust them all together while maintaining the curve.

REQ can be plugged into MultiRack along with other sound processors, just like a studio effects-rack except in the digital domain! If you use ProTools, you can apply REQ to an individual track, or several individual tracks at the pre-mix stage.

Attention native users! The new REQ provides warm and clear vintage-style EQ on native Macintosh applications. It includes real-time graphing, preview, bypass functions and all with just a few intuitive clicks. Slick controls and great classic-style EQ sound make REQ the equalizer your audio deserves! All REQ functions can be performed using your computer’s CPU power, i.e. no extra hardware is required! REQ is available for order now!

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