Renaissance Compressor
by Waves Audio
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System Requirements:

Any Macintosh with FPU, or PowerPC System 7.5 or greater.

Last Updated: 1998-11-04
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Software Description

Introducing Renaissance Compressor V2.4 for Macintosh and V1.0 for PC - the no. 1 vintage-style digital processor.

Features: Opto-compression-mode - emulates opto-coupled hardware compressors. Ideal for mastering or submix compression. Electro compression-mode - allows deep compression by increasing release times at high attenuation levels. Ideal for in-your-face vocal or instrument processing! No-clip 'brick-wall' internal limiter - add up to 6dB or more to the output, maximizing levels with minimum distortion. Warm character setting - add low frequency harmonics while approaching deeper compression to produce a warm, rich sound. ARC (Automatic Release Control) technology delivers greater RMS levels. Comprehensive factory presets.

Benefits & Applications: Renaissance Compressor is the ideal plug-in for mastering and tracking. It recreates the warm sound qualities and simple operation of classic analog hardware in the digital domain. Including support for both native and TDM/DSP Macintosh applications and any DirectX plug-ins supported PC applications, Renaissance Compressor delivers blazing guitar sounds and thumping bass and drum tracks, plus many more dynamic effects, from classical to radical!

When you use Renaissance Compressor, you can:

Get a hard punch from any solo track using Opto compression-mode. Get in-your-face vocal and instrumental processing using Electro compression-mode. Add up to 6dB or more to the output, maximizing levels with minimum distortion using a new no-clip 'brick-wall' internal limiter. Produce a warm rich sound using a 'Warm' character setting that adds low frequency harmonics to the original signal. Designed to be musical, not technical, Renaissance Compressor has a clean and simple interface that is functional with minimal overcrowding, rather than an emulation of hardware controls.

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