Rhymesaurus 2
by Purple Room Publishing
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Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2000
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Last Updated: 2009-09-09
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Software Description

Rhymesaurus provides users with a fast, effective way to find a word's rhyme. In addition, the program offers some bonus features that make this stand out from its competition.

The program's interface is incredibly simple, with only one place to enter data. Beyond that, the program is broken into tabs for various definitions, which keeps things simple. Users should not need the Help file, though one is available. The program begins with users entering their word in a search engine. From there, they may choose one of the seven tabs for answers. Tabs include Dictionary, Thesaurus, Rhyme, Sounds Like, Word Surf, Pattern, and Scratch Pad. While the first four tabs are fairly self-explanatory and provide a long list of answers in each tab, two others are quite interesting. Word Surf provides a way to sort a word's meanings from verb, noun, adverb and others to its type, its antonyms and more. The Pattern option is great for writers, because you can search for words with the same syllable patterns. The Scratch Pad is simply a place for notes. Overall, this is an exciting tool for word lovers, with fast results and a ton of dexterity. The program does not offer any features beyond its primary functions. However, we feel like those include so many bells and whistles, there is no need to expect more from Rhymesarus.

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I ordered a copy of the rhymesaurus about 3 months ago and I still don't have the software here yet. I dont know what the deal is, but it hasn't come in the mail yet.

Re: Waiting!

Contact the company directly here:

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