RoboBlather 1
by Zeta Centauri, Inc
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Operating System: Windows Vista/XP
File Size: 481 KB
License: Freeware (All Free software)
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System Requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0

Last Updated: 2008-03-18
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Software Description

RoboBlather is a text-to-speech application. It uses the built-in speech synthesis power of the .NET Framework 3.0 to generate speech from whatever text you paste into the edit window. You can control the speed of the voice, render the output to a .wav file, and select any of the installed voices on your machine. Different machines will have different voices available.

The list of available voices will vary based on the software you have installed on your system, but with the .NET framework installed you should have one or more voices.

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Initially impressed but then disappointed. Unfortunately when pasting it only seems to allow one line of a text at a time, there's only one voice and although it can speak at different speeds and even single letters, one at a time there's not much else you can do with it. Good try but must try better, not much use to the likes of me but it might be useful to a less demanding person.

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