SSEYO Koan Pro Demo 2.7
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Operating System:
File Size: 3.4 MB
License Conditions:

14 day trial, Save disabled, You may read the license agreement before using this software.

System Requirements:

Power Mac / iMac with MacOS 7 or later (MacOS 7.5 or later recommended), 5 Mb of free memory in which to run, OMS 2 or OMS 2 Lite from Opcode systems, external synthesizer or Apple's Quick Time 4 or later (for Koan MP3 support)

Last Updated: 2001-09-18
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Software Description

With SSEYO Koan Pro, the award winning interactive audio and generative music authoring system, you can create and control the most shockingly stunning low-bandwidth audio - realistically from files as small as 10 bytes!

Koan pieces are specially constructed for fast Internet delivery, and it is an easy matter to use them to sonically enhance your website. All your site visitor needs is the popular free Koan Plugin. With over 2 million downloads of Koan software and content already, you know it is happening!

Key Features:

  • 200+ real-time controllable Koan parameters(some are soundcard specific)
  • Create up to 256 'voices'
  • 6 voicetypes: Ambient / Rhythmic /FixedPattern / Follows / RepeatBar / Listening voice
  • Powerful Pattern Editor for creating those dance grooves with FixedPattern riffs/Sequences
  • Extraordinary capability for generative pattern sequencing of multiple sub-patterns
  • Support for recycled breakbeats
  • Import riffs/patterns from MIDI files
  • Auto-chording feature to create thick or thin chords & arpeggios, or for adding effects
  • Hyper-instrument capability, also allowing Koan to be used as a real-time sound or music effects processor
  • In depth SoundFont support, multiple WAV file playback suport (with MS DirectSound 5)
  • Yamaha XG & GM/GS support
  • Support for custom MIDI messages for special synth effects/controlling external synths
  • Files cross compatible with drag 'n' mix SSEYO Koan X
  • Powerful randomization & mutation functions
  • Record to WAV files
  • Record to MIDI files (type 0)
  • 2 internal LFOs work your MIDI controllers in real time
  • Micro-level controls subtly change a voice's volume/pitch/start time/modulation
  • Comprehensive on-line help

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no-icon to start in the DEMO

I looking for the icon to start SSYO Koan Pro Demo in the folder (Koan Pro.1), but i donĀ“t get it. Where is it?

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