AudioTime Scheduled Sound Recorder
by NCH Swift Sound
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Last Updated: 2001-02-01
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Software Description

AudioTime lets you schedule your Windows computer to record or replay audio at certain dates and times or regular times on certain days of week. It can replay a file while the file is being recorded (to delay the recording) and record or replay multiple files at the same time (if you have more than one sound card installed)



  • Record or replay audio automatically.
  • Schedule for either certain dates or time of day on specified days of week between commence and expiration dates.
  • Replay a file while it is still being recorded (eg. to delay a network program) or to record a file while it is still being played.
  • Select sample rate from 8kHz to 96kHz in either mono or stereo.
  • Record multiple files at the same time or replay multiple files at the same time by installing more than one sound card.

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