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System Requirements:

32-bit ASIO, VSTs, 1.8GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, midi controller keyboard

Last Updated: 2014-06-16
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Software Description

Here is an affordable, entry-level product to explore the VST world using your midi hardware keyboard.Record your midi playing, add audio clips, arrange and edit, and export your composition. Go further using the concept of compose, mix, and master to create professional results. Skipper, the successor to Scooty, builds upon Scooty's strengths.

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  • All of your compositions are managed and accessible in a tree view.
  • Timeline shows full composition with immediate navigation.
  • Undo and redo for each track retains data across sessions.
  • Ability to edit down to the midi event level.
  • Up to 25 knobs supported on your midi keyboard.
  • Link knobs, piano keys, mod wheel, and pitch wheel to control VSTs.
  • Has event-based and clip-based functions.
  • All of the basic functions one would expect in an entry-level host sequencer.
  • Four editing cursors available with a turn of the mouse wheel.
  • Unlimited tracks, with up to eight VSTs per track.
  • Export to 32-bit float RAW and 16-bit PCM WAV formats.
  • Use your own wave application to edit audio clips.
  • Does not re-implement functions that VSTs can do better.
  • Does not have pro concepts like reWire, busses, routing, aux, etc.
  • Simple, integrated audio library for previewing and importing audio files.
  • Supports the Proteus-X2 multi-channel VST.
  • ...visit the website for a complete list of features.

The online store extends Skipper's functionality with features like: glissandos, patterns, slope events, pens, and more. Each feature is less than $1. A small but growing collection of video tutorials are available to registered members.

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