Sequential v3.0.5
by Sinevibes
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Demo version has noise bursts every 20 seconds. Registration: $39

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.5 or later (32/64-bit Universal Binary).

Last Updated: 2016-03-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Sequential is an AudioUnit plugin designed for producing rhythmical effect patterns.

It features unique algorithms ranging from filters, waveshapers and distortion, to ring modulation and even audio-controlled oscillators. These effects are rhythmically switched via a step sequencer matrix, allowing you to create intricate, lively processing patterns. Sequential has been finely tuned to instantly deliver superb musical results, and is capable of radical sound transformations with any type of sound or music style.


  • Ten effect algorithms: low-pass and high-pass filters, two waveshape transformers, clipping booster, bit and sample rate reduction, sine oscillator with envelope follower, ring modulator and variable noise.
  • Sequencer matrix with up to 32 steps, variable speed and swing.
  • Intuitive, high-contrast user interface.
  • Useful preset templates.

New in v3.0.5

  • Minor processor load reductions in glitch oscillator and chorus algorithms.
  • Bug fix for shot noise generator period dependency on sample rate.

New in v3.0.4

  • Bugfix for compatibility with "long" processing buffer range in Logic Pro X.
  • New factory presets.

New in v3.0.3

  • Circuit-bent filter no longer self-oscillates when the input is silent.
  • Strobe effect is now applied after all other effects, for more correct operation of granulator, flanger & resonator.
  • Steeper pre-filter in wave transformer and analog drive, for a brighter yet smoother sound.
  • Re-tuned sine oscillator frequency range to allow sub-bass frequencies.
  • Multiple minor performance optimisations.
  • Enhanced loudness balance between effect tracks.
  • New factory presets.

New in v3.0.2

  • Bugfix for incorrect parameter change gestures for host automation.
  • Bugfix for "pasteā€ function being able to paste an empty copy buffer.
  • Re-calibrated granulator parameter range.
  • Minor performance optimisations.
  • New presets.

New in v3.0.1

  • Bugfix for compatibility with OS X 10.6.
  • Command-click can be used to turn on all steps in a track.
  • Option-click can be used to randomise all steps in a track (poly) or in all tracks (mono).
  • Removed initial parameter slew in high-pass filter and frequency shifter.
  • Removed rare issue when flanger, resonator or chorus could mute one or both of its channels.
  • Added new factory presets.

New in v3.0

  • 25% more compact interface layout, animations, rendered on the graphics adaptor.
  • 2x less processor strain with new audio engine with hardware-accelerated math
  • Sequential is now polyphonic, multiple effects can be triggered at once.
  • 8 instance snapshots for realtime switching or host automation.
  • New effects: flanger, resonator, three-voice chorus, granulator, analog drive.
  • Steeper -24 dB/octave high-pass filter.
  • Redesigned circuit-bent filter algorithm with a resonant pre-filter stage.
  • Reworked barber-pole phaser effect with feedback and bipolar frequency control.
  • Reworked sine, phase, glitch oscillators with bipolar modulation depth controls.
  • New user manual with detailed effects descriptions.

New in v2.2.1

  • Fix for retina resolution rendering bug

New in v2.2.0

  • Changed color scheme for better daylight visibility.
  • Round matrix switch shape.
  • New "sandbox safe" flag for sandboxed host apps.
  • Bugfix for dry/wet balance slider not updating correctly.

New in v2.1.0

  • GUI improvements
  • Added creative controls
  • Added Preset patches.

New in v2.0.3

  • Some new features
  • Various improvements

New in v2.0.2

  • Brighter user interfaces
  • Enhanced slider and button design

New in v2.0.1

  • Minor UI tweaks
  • User manual in PDF format

New in v2.0

  • New user interface
  • Effect dry/wet balance control.
  • Faster and smoother effect switching algorithm.
  • Two new effects: phaser and frequency shifter.
  • BugFix for ring modulator effect losing quality after some time.
  • BugFix for synchronisation issue when host transport location is a negative number.
  • Added required Audio Unit format changes for OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
  • Removed support for Power PC processors and OS X 10.5.
  • New preset patches.

New in v1.4.1

  • New steeper -24 dB/octave high-pass filter algorithm.
  • New input/output balance automation parameter.

New in v1.3.0

  • New FX added: phase modulation sine oscillator, glitch triangle oscillator and shot noise generator.
  • Re-calibrated input envelope follower parameters for faster reaction time and smoother shape.
  • Alternating color shades in effect matrix.
  • Added preset patches.

New in v1.1.3

  • Additional presets
  • Save screenshots in PNG
  • Parameter automation begin/end gestures.
  • New graphics engine
  • Sequence position mark
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