Shift 2.2.3
by Loomer
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Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.5 MB
License Conditions:

User created Program and Bank configurations can be saved, but not loaded, Output will be periodically interrupted, approximately every minute, by a short moment of silence and Audio output will stop after 30 minutes of continuous use. The only way to continue using Shift is to restart the application. Registration: £35.00

System Requirements:

VST host application. Intel x86 based processor 1.0Ghz, or above, with SSE, 512 MB RAM

Last Updated: 2012-01-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Shift is a real-time diatonic granular pitch shifting and delay effect. It has three independent, true stereo, delay lines, each with their own transposition and delay controls, which can be combined to build complex delay structures such as ping-pong delays or harmonized chord echoes.


  • Three independent true stereo delay lines.
  • Retro granular pitch shifting sound.
  • Pitch shift each delay line by up to an octave up or down, with semitone transposition and finely grained cent detune controls.
  • Three modes for each delay line: Chromatic, Recursive, and Diatonic.
  • Diatonic pitch tracking for monophonic audio sources.
  • Modulation LFO with independent time and pitch modulation controls for each delay line.
  • MIDI Learn for hardware control of all parameters.

New in v2.2.3

  • Bugfix for rare crash
  • Enhanced speed and responsiveness of all UI controls.
  • Better CPU usage when using hardware controller
  • Now supports multiple simultaneous hardware controllers
  • MIDI Program and Preset Changes are now multi threaded
  • Path is now relative to DLL host

New in v2.0

  • Completely new user interface.
  • Negligible latency: Shift now works with as little as sub millisecond delays, and so can be used as a real-time shifter or harmonizer.
  • XY Pad control for real-time tweaking.
  • Improved pitch shifting algorithm; grain engine parameters are now accessible for finer tuning.
  • Vastly improved diatonic tracking; real-time pitch display helps fine tune tracking parameters.
  • Five delay line voices (as opposed to three in the original Shift).
  • Improved modulation options: four individual LFOs, with five modulation shapes (sin, saw, triangle, square, and random).
  • Each voice has seven modulatable parameters: time, feedback, tuning, filter cutoff, filter resonance, pan position, and volume.
  • Additional diatonic tracking scales.
  • New preset browser, including tags, searching, hot-swapping, etc.
  • Partial preset support for voices, grain settings, and diatonic tracker configurations.
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