SmartScore Pro v10.5.4
by Musitek
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File Size: 36.1 MB
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Scanned files cannot be saved or printed and no PDF recognition due to size constraints. Registration: US$399.00

System Requirements:

OS 10.4 or later, G3 or better / Multi-Core for Universal, 1GB RAM recommended

Last Updated: 2013-05-01
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Software Description

Now imagine a professional-grade scorewriter that is just as friendly as it is powerful. One with enough intelligence built in that no advanced degree is requred to use it. Then think of all the possible ways you'd like to experience your printed music... push-button scanning, realistic playback, key/clef transposition, part extraction, page reformattting, auto-drum grooves, karaoke, CD burning, integrated MIDI visualization and file conversion including support for PDF, Finale® and MusicXML formats. Welcome to SmartScore X. There is simply no faster way to get printed music into your computer and no simpler way to transform it for print, web or audio output. Band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, orchestral parts and scores appear on-screen in editable and playable form within seconds after scanning. Convert PDF files to music scores. Includes TAB & percussion staffline recognition & innovative TAB editing... SmartScore X is an indispensable tool for any arranger, performer, music educator or church minister.

More accuracy, more features and even more simplicity

  • Smart scanning interface with automatic scanner settings. No expertise required. Automatic resolution (dpi) selection. Simplified multi-page scanning within a single file.
  • Recogntion accuracy exceeds 99% on well-printed scores.
  • Recognizes more musical symbols more accurately.
  • Improved text and lyric OCR.
  • Complex structures recognized including repeats, segnos, coda signs, broken systems (coda breaks), cross-staff beaming/voicing, optimized systems, ossias and grace notes.

More accurate playback

  • Realistic nuance. Most all tempo, dynamic and articulation marks are recognized and automatically applied to playback.
  • Assign different instrument sounds to parts with a single click. Assign different sounds to contrapuntal voices!
  • Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
  • Automatic Drum Groove instantly adds rhythms based on style and beat. Insert unlimited number of grooves.
  • Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
  • Control default playback behavior of trills, accents, ritards, hairpins, accelerandos, pickup and closeout measures.
  • MIDI editor includes familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event List. Two-way Notes-MIDI-Notes transparency.

Advanced music editing

  • New scoring environment rebuilt from the ground-up for maximum ease and simplicity. Now it's easier than ever to edit scanned in music or to create professional scores.
  • Flexible score displays: Continuous horizontal view or Multi-page view.
  • Error check automatically highlights problem measures
  • System width tabs. Plus line, staff and system spacing tabs.
  • Advanced page layout controls and print previewing. Create production-quality page formats for print or PDF output.

Text, Lyrics and Chord Symbols

  • Precision recognition of lyrics, text, fretboards and chord symbols including chord names written as text.
  • Fretboards and chord symbols update when transposing to new key.
  • Control text and lyric properties.
  • Guitar Chord Library includes over 700 chords. Change or add your own
  • Modify notehead shapes (shaped notes)

More Useful Functions

  • Transpose by key or by clef for diverse instruments
  • Extract parts out of scores or combine parts into a conductor’s score
  • Program and Document preferences. Change the look and feel of the interface to suit your needs.
  • Karaoke view with moving or stationary bouncing ball and moving or refreshed lyrics.
  • Add "hidden" obects from view and from printing.
  • Create musical scores from preset templates or from imported MIDI files
  • Create Audio-CDs from finished files. Save to MusicXML, Finale, MIDI, NIFF and PDF file formats.

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Changes in v10.5.4

  • Improved recognition with Prodigy Engine
  • All rests (whole, half, 8th, 16h, 32nd, 64th)
  • Whole notes
  • Whole note clusters
  • Half notes
  • Half note clusers
  • Multi-measure rests
  • Less false positives
  • Piano Edition Save As.. bug fixed ("ENF not implemented).

Changes in v10.5.3

  • Enhanced Note Recognition via Prodigy Engine - Whole notes, Whole note clusters, Half notes and Half note clusters
  • Bugfix Piano Edition (ENF not implemented)

Changes in v10.5.1

  • New Prodigy Engine to improveme music recognition accuracy
  • Scanning Interface improvements
  • Playback improvements
  • ENF notation Editor enhancements
  • Updated Help menu / User Manual

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This is the absolute worst

This is the absolute worst music scanning software I have ever tried. I averaged getting 1/5 correct notes. I printed a piece of piano sheet music of Sibelius and this software literally got almost no notes right. It didn't even get the name at the top right, there were just a bunch of numbers and symbols where the name was supposed to be. I strongly do not recomend anyone to download this software and god forbid you buy it.

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