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Last Updated: 2000-12-01
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Software Description

SockeToome is an application to send files to other users, directly, person-to-person. It involves no central server, and can be used by people with both static and dynamic IP addresses. It works at the sender's convenience, queueing files for transmission to other users, and holding them in a queue until successfully sent. If you regularly exchange files with other people, SockeToome can simplify your life.


  • Both retries and resumes transfers
  • Transmits directly between the sender's and receiver's computers
  • Involves no central server, preserving your privacy
  • Works at the sender's convenience as well as at the receiver's
  • Works between Macs and PCs
  • Can handle up to four outgoing and three incoming transmissions simultaneously
  • Is very simple to set up and run
  • Is particularly suitable where two parties regularly exchange files
  • Works with both static and dynamic IP addresses
  • Utilises a priority-based queueing system
  • Allows messages to be sent with files
  • Features comprehensive logging
  • Can be run unattended
  • Features many queue management facilities
  • Can be used to back up critical files to a friend's computer
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