Sonogram Visible Speech v3.0
by Christoph Lauer
(Christoph Lauer Website)

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Last Updated: 2010-04-06
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Sonogram is a in many forms configurable sound analysis tool. It analyses sound and speech signals with the methods of the "Fourier Tranformation" (FFT), "Linear Prediction Analyse" (LPC), "Cepstrum Analyse" and the "Wavelet transformation". It was able to open the most common audio and video file formats and is written in Java2, so it should run on any platform where Java2 is avaliable. Sonograms main goal is to be a speech recognizer, which will be implemented in next time. It requires the "Java Madia Framework" library which is avaliable for Windows, Unix/Linux. Macintosh OS-X users do not need this librarys and can launch the program by clicking on the program file.It was sucessful tested on any platform of Windows, on Solaris 2.6, Linux, and on Mac-OS-X. The build in three dimensional surface plot representation requires the Java3D library which is not avalible for the Macintosh maschines. Sonogram runs without the Java3D libs, but then the 3D surfaceplots will not be avaliable. Sonogram is free for non comercial and research purposes. In the download section of my homepage a full description of Sonogram is avaliable.

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Text Form of words?

Question: Since I am new to this (can't find simple explanation)...

But does this record words into text? Wondering for usage of those paralyzed or handicapped, if they can use this to wriet notes/emails?


You want voice/speech recognition software

What you're looking for is voice recognition software - the best place to start is on Wikipedia at:

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