SoundPlay for PPC 4.8.1
by Marco Nelissen
(Marco Nelissen Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 629K
License Conditions:

SoundPlay is shareware. If you use it for more than 30 days, you must register it and pay the shareware fee of US$12.

System Requirements:

Requires BeOS version: R5 PPC

Last Updated: 2003-12-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

SoundPlay is a powerful audio player with an easy drag and drop interface, that plays a variety of file-formats, including WAV, AIFF, MS-ADPCM, IFF-8SVX, MOD, MIDI and mpeg layer 2 and 3 files. Constantly innovating, SoundPlay was the first player on BeOS to play and mix multiple files, the first player to offer full independant pitch-control for each file, the first to do crossfades between files, the first replicable player, and is still the only player on BeOS (not to mention the first player on any platform) able to decode mpeg in reverse (playing backwards).


  • plays multiple files simultaneously. The files being mixed need not be of the same format, or even the same samplerate and number of channels
  • supports SHOUTcast/ IceCast streaming mp3
  • has full pitchcontrol from -400% to 400% (SoundPlay was the first player worldwide, and is still the only player on BeOS, that can play mpeg backwards). When mixing multiple files, each file gets its own pitch controller
  • can crossfade between files. To prevent awkward silences between files, SoundPlay can start playing a new file, while the previous file is still fading out
  • accepts color-drops from roColour and others. Customize the way SoundPlay looks
  • has an optional WinAmp-interface with skin support
  • font-adaptive. SoundPlay uses its author's award-winning layout library
  • accepts font-drops from FontSelector
  • is a replicant. Embed SoundPlay into the desktop or other applications supporting replicants
  • has a powerful playlist editor, and can work with multiple playlists at the same time
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