Spectra 'Q v1.0
by Crysonic
(Crysonic Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP/2000
File Size: 2.2 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:

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System Requirements:

Windows XP/2000, 256 MB Ram, Pentium III 1000 MHz, VST Supporting Host application.

Last Updated: 2006-05-02
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Software Description

SPECTRA 'Q is a multiband harmonics balancing and maximizing EQ plug-in.

SPECTRA 'Q provides the ability to adjust multi-octave harmonics within an intuitive multi-band environment in two modes. Additional to these feature SPECTRA 'Q incorporates a vintage inspired 10-band EQ, look ahead transparent loudness maximizing with smooth peak limiting (based on our upcoming SPECTRA' PHY VST) and a 4-band low-frequency phase tweaking section.

PECTRA 'Q Forte is to enhance specific areas of an instrument's or any audio materials frequency range. Improving overall balance of the harmonic presentation of music, instrument or vocals contributes significantly to it's clarity and richness. Coupling this ability is the inclusion of a vintage inspired EQ, novel transparent loudness maximization with smooth peak limiting and 4-band low-frequency phase tweaking in one package.

The comprehensive feature set of SPECTRA 'Q is intended and designed to empower audio professionals in the field of mastering and mixing music productions achieve great commercial release quality results quickly and easily. The scope and uniqueness of SPECTRA 'Q opens a myriad of possible uses not only in the mastering and mixing stages alone but also during live applications, enhancing vocals, guitar, keyboard, Virtual instrument recordings, AMP simulation, exciter, enhancer, vitalizer type effects.

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