Speedy Spectrum Analyzer v3.06
by Electron Chaos
(Electron Chaos Website)

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System Requirements:

ANDROID: 1.6 and up

Last Updated: 2012-06-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Speedy Spectrum Analyzer is a professional grade FFT/Spectrum Analyzer for Android users.

This app supports both lograithmic and linear frequency axis analysis. You can pan both horizontally and vertically by dragging. The app also features a smooth zoom feature. You can dynamically adjust FFT size up to 16384 bins (for 2-3 Hz accuracy!), based on the optimal size for your screen.

Other features:

  • Exponential averaging (adjustable)
  • Peak hold
  • Share screen snapshots easily
  • Range set - full audio range from 20Hz, up to 22kHz
  • Peak & valley measurements with crossbar tools
  • Adjustable dB levels for ceiling / floor

Changes in v3.06

  • Peak Hold Overlay option
  • Peak Hold long-press enable
  • 48 kHz audio sample rate option (device dependent; will fall back to 44.1kHz if your device does not support 48kHz)
  • Select between 'Default' and 'Front' mic (device dependent)
  • for Toshiba Thrive & Dell Streak mic issue

Changes in v3.02

  • Bug fix for bug introduced in 3.02
  • Logarithmic option for frequency axis
  • Peak hold reset option in menu
  • Limit main peak display to viewable range
  • Performance enhancements
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