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Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/98/95
File Size: 2.1 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
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Last Updated: 2000-06-29
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Software Description

NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 (SM2.4) is an easy to use, real-time tool for morphing the harmony, meter, rhythm, voices (and more) of your MIDI song. One original song can be morphed into many! From waltz to beat, from blues to swing, from rock ballads to ethnic pulse in 5/4 meter, from blue to cheerful, from romantic to melancholy, and back and much more!


  • Works as a stand-alone real-time MIDI Tool
  • Convenient panel for easy and instant production of a vast number of new variants for a song or its fragments
  • Transformation of all tracks of a song simultaneously
  • 6 types of transformation, sensitive to the musical context of the initial song - music figure, meter, rhythm, harmony, voice, random influences
  • 8 modes of transformation for each type
  • Flexible and convenient tempo rate settings
  • Special "To a Single Chord" function
  • Special "To a Single Tonality" function with the key signature event insert
  • Convenient Filter for deleting events (controllers) in a song, which also allow you to assign a constant value to the tempo parameter
  • A special mode of saving a song by separate clips of variable length
  • Automatic file naming with inclusion of transformation types in the file name
  • A special "Bach Processing" mode for processing a set of songs by a random combination of transformation modes
  • Transposing of the entire song by desired number of semitones

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Is there any kind of software where I can input, say a trumpet solo, and then the software will generate a piano accompanyment. Or input a sax solo and get a trumpet or piano arrangement. Also I don't have a midi interface, so is it possible using these softwares (if they exist) to input the solo part my typing in the notes.
Thanks for any help you might have!

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