The Analogue Ripper v2.05
by Hotwork Ltd
(Hotwork Ltd Website)

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File Size: 3.7 MB
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Registration: US$19.95

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Last Updated: 2006-03-30
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Software Description

The Analogue Ripper, or TAR for short, lets you record sounds from any analogue source onto your computer.You can record from cassettes, vinyl, 8 Track, reel to reel even VHS, in fact - anything that you have playback equipment for.

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analogue ripper

This programs tasted out GREAT
1 Question - can I record an entire
tape ,or album in one shot, without
stopping between tracks ???

thanks...... Robert

Analogue Ripper

Can't activate recording level- operating system problem- can't change input source device- need more info on setting up

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