TDM bundle
by Waves Audio
(Waves Audio Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 11.7 M
License Conditions:

WaveKey required

System Requirements:

Any Macintosh with FPU, or PowerPC System 7.5 or greater.

Last Updated: 1998-11-04
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The TDM bundle includes:
Q10 ParaGraphic Equalizer, L1 Ultramaximizer, C1 Compressor/ Gate, S1 Stereo Imager and TrueVerb, PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer.

MultiRack, TrackPac lite, WaveShell and WaveKey.

Waves pushes your TDM hardware to the max by splitting the DSP chip into pieces and putting different plug-ins on individual chips. No other product lets you put six bands of stereo EQ, a compressor and a stereo image control on a single chip (or whatever else you may need)!

Our exclusive WaveShell technology lets you get the most from your DSP Farms giving you a comprehensive solution for pro-audio TDM applications. Furthermore, other WaveShells in the bundle let you use the same plug-ins on SDII Nubus, plus at least 5 more platforms in native mode, including AudioSuite, Deck II/SoundEdit16, Peak, VST, Studio Vision Pro v3.5, and Premiere.

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