TDR Feedback Compressor 2 beta9
by Tokyo Dawn Labs
(Tokyo Dawn Labs Website)

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AU/VST host application.

Last Updated: 2013-03-18
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Software Description

This plugin is a virtual dynamic range compressor.

TDR Feedback Compressor is dedicated to sum/bus compression, its design is based on intensive studies on feed-back compressor topology. Most modern compressors analyze the input signal to control gain reduction. The feed-back compressor design however “listens” to its output. This non-intuitive approach delivers an unobtrusive and transparent compression characteristic that is able to handle complex signals with ease.

This plugin features a minimalistic audio-path and state of the art digital signal processing techniques - tuned for musical applications. Unlike the current hype on analog or vintage model compressors - this plugin is a completely unique compressor.


  • Typical “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behaviour.
  • 64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations.
  • Bit-transparent differential oversampling structure (only the “wet” part is oversampled).
  • Internal re-sampling via high quality linear phase filters.
  • Advanced stereo-linking (reduces audible cross-modulation).
  • Adaptive integration time RMS detector. Optional PEAK detection.
  • Freely adjustable compression knee.
  • Blend between the original and compressed signal.
  • Optional side-chain 6dB/Oct high-pass filter.
  • Optional harmonic distortion generator.
  • Optional velocity-based auto-release (dynamic adaptation of release shape and timing for transparent gain reduction).
  • Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between compressed and original signal.
  • Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted).

Changes in v2 beta9

  • The velocity based slider-mode can now be disabled in a globally persistent manner
  • Various minor interface related fixes.
  • Improved UI graphics.

Changes in v0.9.01 beta

  • Redesigned Interface, now with smaller knobs, transfer function display and other changes
  • New parameter “Detector”
  • New compression timing control scheme with independent controls for “Release Fast” and “Release Slow”
  • “Makeup/Blend/OutGain” replaced by “Makeup/DryMix”
  • Side chain filter preview mode
  • Side chain filter section improved
  • Color section improved
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