TalkBackToBasics v2.500
by Bludgeonsoft
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File Size: 72 KB
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System Requirements:

System 7+, Apple Speech Manager

Last Updated: 2006-12-12
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Software Description

TalkBackToBasics is the BackToBasics of speech synthesis technology. What BackToBasics does for playing samples live, TalkBackToBasics does for "speaking" or "singing" text files.

With TalkBackToBasics you can turn your computer keyboard into a full fledged real-time speech synthesis research, experimentation, and performance laboratory.

TalkBackToBasics lets you separately configure 47 keys on your computer keyboard to speak up to 20 text files at one time using an unlimited number of imported text resources while controlling speech rate, pitch, modulation, volume, and voice. With TalkBackToBasics there's no limit to your process progress!

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i think it requires mac os

i think it requires mac os classic environment ._.

wouldnt open

i couldnt get it to open with anything either.........

wont work

i downloaded the program,
and it opened with mac:word.
that didnt work...
so, what do i do?

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