The MusicWeaver 2.1 Intel
by Pete Goodeve
(Pete Goodeve Website)

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Operating System: BeOS
File Size: 1 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

Registration: $20

System Requirements:

BeOS version: R4 Intel

Last Updated: 2001-01-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The MusicWeaver is a real-time MIDI data stream manipulator, using an interlinked net of small processing modules. You build the desired network graphically as a 'flow-diagram' through simple drag-and-drop operations. You can do simple things like note transposition or keyboard splits, or more complex operations such as performing different transformations on notes of different velocities. The range of modules is always expanding, and so are the possibilities.

This new release has a considerably upgraded Weaver main program 'v3.0', with hierarchical diagrams ('Composite Elements'), on-line help, routing and naming of paths, direct replacement of elements in a diagram, and so on. The MusicWeaver modules now all have on-line help included as well, a few have been upgraded, and a couple of new ones have been added.

A bug was found in the MidiPlay module in the previous release (and in the first couple of days of the current release!). On single-CPU machines only this caused certain midifiles to 'stall' at the beginning. This is fixed (and now in the archive). For those who have just downloaded the original 1.3, an archive of MidiPlay only is available below.

A new mechanism for enabling and disabling paths within a diagram controlled by 'Director' messages was added in the last release. At the same time most of the module Control Panels were improved, and new modules for things like Control Change were added.

The distributed package, by the way, has no module for recording MIDI files. You can get such a module to add to your set by sending in the shareware fee...

Caution to x86 users! There is a bug in the BeOS R4 midi handling that makes a real mess of many MIDI streams that otherwise ought to work! (PPC users are not affected.) The problem has been fixed in BeOS 4.5.

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